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  1. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    Back on topic.... Watched a video explainjng many updates & key features of the gen3. EGR is a low pressure system. Starting post DPF means the vast majority of soot should burned off and not be reintroduced back to the intake. A few other improvements as well, but separate from this topic...
  2. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    I respect your choice, just wanted to let you know that even if you were subject to emissions testing it might still be an option. Many folks wont do this type of work for fear it will void Warranty(which it will). The down side is that by the time Warranty is up(when most people decide to...
  3. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    Might still be an option, depending on where you live(what sort of testing/inspection youre subject to). Many places that do emissions testing only check for for CEL's along with a visual inspection. If everything looks stock and no codes are showing then you pass. Few places do actual tail pipe...
  4. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    The cleaning of the EGR itself may prevent an EGR failure... or could induce a failure with being regularly removed and reinstalled if they arent careful. It also depends on what your dealer is actually quoting you for. To remove, clean and reinstall the EGR diffuser tube I could see $300...
  5. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    Tuners are available.... GDE, one of the most prominent names in EcoDiesel tuning has been targeted by the EPA and is under a "cease and desist". Canadian tuners are still available as well as SFT, among others. SFT doesnt "tune" it for you... they sell you the hardware for you to be able to...
  6. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    and here is a clean map sensor...
  7. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    this is one a clean egr tube looks like.... Yes, they revised the EGR system... but my previous pics show what goes back into your intake.
  8. EcoDiesel Rebuild

    I have an ecodiesel in my GC. pics are from 54k miles... you be the judge.... *edited the fat finger 44k to 54k*
  9. DIY Seat relocation brackets

    Thanks. If I had it to do over again, the only thing I would change is 8-9 degrees on seat angle (stock was 5-6ish)instead of 11ish degrees. I would expect the floor mounts to be the same on 2dr vs 4dr. DIY brackets on a 2dr might interfere with back seat access...I don't know since I've never...
  10. Procomp Wheels fit on carrier?

    I have the procomp series 05 with same 83.01 center bore and they fit fine over the camera on tire carrier.
  11. 8 Speed Auto vs. the Rocky Mountains

    I too am thoroughly impressed with the 8spd auto... just came back from a trip to West Virginia. Towed my 16' trailer with quads and cabin loaded down with gear... it performed flawlessly loaded down and unloaded on all the mountain roads. On a side note: driving through all the twists & turns...
  12. Monthly Giveaway!

    Entered! thanks for the chance!
  13. Energizing Large Load Electrical Accessory when Engine On

    The two large posts on the solenoid are for the + battery in and + battery out, the smaller post on the mounting bracket side is for the + trigger(aux switch or what ever switch with a + source) to activate relay. small post opposite of mounting bracket is - ground to chassis.
  14. Ok to mix and match Ring and Pinion Brands?

    As long as the gear ratio is the same, you can mix & match companies for the front & rear... IE Dana up front and Yukon in the back. Dont try to mix & match pinion & ring gears though(dana pinion with a yukon ring). Gear pitch and axis could be different.
  15. Energizing Large Load Electrical Accessory when Engine On

    Your take away is correct. Unfortunately there is no OEM circuits able to provide the High amperage draw that the winch requires(400+ amps usually). The most cost effective way i found at the time was the NVX 500, about $50(price has gone up to $60 since i purchased). I used my Aux switches for...
  16. Energizing Large Load Electrical Accessory when Engine On

    No this will not work for the winch... winch load will far exceed the 60A
  17. Energizing Large Load Electrical Accessory when Engine On

    Thats just a 60A breaker.... 60A is much higher than any ignition source your going to be able to find. Load on the winch circuit is going to much higher(400+ amps) than any Ignition source your going to find. Winch needs to be powered off the battery directly or using a high amperage...
  18. Energizing Large Load Electrical Accessory when Engine On

    You would need a high amperage solenoid similar to the NVX 500 i used here: Trigger for the solenoid could come from the ignition... although i would recommend an outboard switch(from ign source) to...