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  1. ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Location?

    Mounting it there does not work on the EcoD - The washer fluid reservoir is relocated there for that engine. So, if you were to mount it inside the wheel well on the driver's side, you would need to mod the reservoir tank. A non-starter for me.
  2. DEF fluid warnings and guage sensor issues

    I just posted on another thread as well. While your experience(s) seem "not right" that is exactly what I've seen. Picked up the JLUR EcoDiesel and checked the DEF guage and it showed 100%. Put ~500mi on it and it showed around 3/4. Then, took off on a 4.8K trip (in warm to hot temps) and...
  3. DEF Usage

    I just got my JLUR Ecodiesel as well and have been extremely disappointed in just how much def I've gone through. Left VA, the jeep had 600 miles and got back with 5400 - drove it to Colorado and back. I went had to buy 7 gallons of DEF over-and-above the full def tank I started with when I...