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  1. Jeeps paint colors with the PHEV blue accents

    Figured it out. Yes, the blue interior stitching is Rubicon only. Guess I'm going saddle/brown to avoid the blue.
  2. Jeeps paint colors with the PHEV blue accents

    I may have missed this, but do you know if this is also the case for the blue stitching on the leather seats? I'm hoping to avoid this.
  3. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    I hope that pushing someone to type out their crazy positions will help them realize their wrong every once in a while. It has to work eventually, right?
  4. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Lol. I thought you would understand me acknowledging EV/PHEVs were not perfect was me acknowledging those flaws, but I'll be more direct. Yes. Those are flaws. And they need to be worked on, but it's already better than ICEVs.
  5. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Ahh yes, because drilling for and transporting oil is better. So apparently the answer to my question is no. Pointing out EVs/PHEVs drawbacks without acknowledging the larger environmental drawbacks for ICEVs (let alone continuous oil production/transportation for the gas/oil/diesel and then...
  6. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Want to substantiate your claim they are not more environmentally friendly? Because I'm not aware of any (reputable) research in the past couple years that would support that position. (See, e.g...
  7. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    "Lol what an idiot. Unprompted and for no reason, I told him I hoped he was stranded in the middle of nowhere and he responded by telling me to go away. Clearly shows he's in the wrong" . . . smh
  8. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Slowly adding more information to their website, but still no price: