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  1. Pennsylvania JL Mopar Grab Handles $35 new

    Ah ok, have the fronts. If you had the rear handles was going to ask if you'd separate them.
  2. Pennsylvania JL Mopar Grab Handles $35 new

    Are these just the front or rear as well?
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    And now my hood is bubbling... :mad::angry:
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I'm waiting for a spot to open at my dealers body shop but need my tailgate and front right door hinges repainted. Anyone with sting gray have their repainted yet? I'm extremely worried about the paint not matching.
  5. Soft Top Question

    Good to know. 4 door with premium top.
  6. Soft Top Question

    This is my second season with the soft top on my Jeep and I've noticed when the top is up, the trunk area fabric of the top seems to be loose to the point where it flaps around some. I swear I remember it being taut last summer and even earlier this season. Am I just "misremembering" or could...
  7. Is this normal?

    Thanks all, have an appointment for Monday so we'll see what happens. Aldo, I live about a half mile or so from Long Island Sound, so kind of but I've never had issues with previous vehicles.
  8. Is this normal?

    Yes, I meant the hinge corrosion, sorry. My Jeep is living up to then saying about things being built on a Saturday, which it twas haha.
  9. Is this normal?

    Thanks all. I have to call them anyway to make an appointment to fix my chirping brakes, front ball joints popping and repainting two of my doors due corosion, so I'll add this to the list haha.
  10. Is this normal?

    These pictures are the bolts on the top of the cowl on both sides of the vehicle. I noticed the rust and rust stains this morning when washing my Jeep. I have never taken these bolts out or even unscrewed them. The Jeep is only about 18 months old, is this common?
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Still waiting on dealer and body shop to get me in to repaint the tailgate on my 2020, going on like 3 months, and now my passenger front doors hinges are starting bubble. I've driven Jeeps my entire life, wouldn't want to drive anything else, but the quality of this vehicle is lacking to say...
  12. Massachusetts Trail Mirrors - Rugged Ridge and Shake Proof Adventure Mirrors

    How well did the shake proof mirrors work at highway speeds? Might be interested.
  13. New Hampshire SOLD - Mopar Fuel Door for JL

    Interested if the first responder falls through.
  14. Black soot?

    I noticed this black soot like substance in my garage the other day. There are two spots, one under the tailpipe and where the mid section of the Jeep would be in the garage. Anyone experience this or know what it is ? I've had the Jeep since 2019 and have 8k miles on it and have never noticed...
  15. Factory Half Door Installation Video For JL / JLU / JT

    In case anyone is curious, Jeep posted the half door installation on YouTube today.
  16. Connecticut FS 5 Firestone Destination Mud Terrain tires- $550 SOLD

    Ah, yeah that's pretty far, sorry.
  17. Connecticut FS 5 Firestone Destination Mud Terrain tires- $550 SOLD

    Unfortunately no, but willing to meet somewhere. Where in Jersey are you?