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  1. Towing a Camper Cross-Country with a JLU

    Nice setup, could you share your camper specs? Looks about the size we’re looking for. Also, What size tires are you running on your JL?
  2. Connecticut Borla Type S Exhaust

    I would prefer local pick up however I would be willing to ship if the buyer covered the cost, not sure what that would be since its pretty bulky. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  3. Connecticut Borla Type S Exhaust

    BUMP! Price Drop Asking $200 obo
  4. ParkSense parking sensor issue

    Did the ECU flash fix the problem for you? Do you have an oversized tire mounted on the carrier?
  5. Connecticut Sold: Borla Type S Exhaust

    Selling my Borla type S cat back exhaust. Nothing wrong with it except the wife hated it. Roughly about 15,000 miles of use. Asking $250. See link from Borla’s website, this is for the 3.6L 4 door models.
  6. Connecticut Rubicon Wheels on BFG KO2 285/70R17

    Located in Tolland County
  7. Connecticut Sold: Rubicon Wheels on BFG KO2 285/70R17

    I am selling my Rubicon tires and wheels. Tires and wheels are still intact with minor wear, the TPMS sensors are still installed. The tires themselves don't have much tread left, the spare has never been used. If you would like to see more pictures please let me know, Asking $650 OBO
  8. Weekend Project: Clayton Off Road Control Arms

    Thanks. Appreciate the feed back
  9. Weekend Project: Clayton Off Road Control Arms

    Looking at the Clayton ride right lift kit or the overland. Do the control arms make a noticeable difference? Debating adding them after the fact at this point but looking for advice before I pull the trigger.
  10. 3.5" SPORT suspension system for the non-Rubicon JLU

    @dpereira Love the tire wheel combo, what brand wheels are those?
  11. Connecticut Sold: Sahara Takeoffs & Dueler A/T tires W/TPMS Sensors

    Sahara takeoffs for sale, these rims and tires are in great condition and have never been off-road. TPMS sensors have been left in. This is a set of five total, 4 tires have 12,500 miles on them with plenty of tread left, 1 has zero miles. Asking $650 OBO local pick up only.
  12. Daystar 2" lift install and review on JL Sahara

    That's a similar approach I'm heading with now, unless I get to impatient either way I'll be sure to post back here when the search is over and she's nice and lifted.
  13. Daystar 2" lift install and review on JL Sahara

    Great to hear, makes me even more excited for the upgrade's, now its time to start saving my pennies :)
  14. Daystar 2" lift install and review on JL Sahara

    Winchell, pictures look great with the Rubicon wheels I am debating doing the same, how does it drive with that size tire, is it sluggish at all? I've decided to wait until my tires wear down, then the lift and upgraded tires/ wheels will be added. Like you said you pay for the wheel package...
  15. Teraflex 1.5” budget boost?

    Thanks for the info, from what I've been reading it seems that's the general consensus. I will have to deal with it I suppose to get the look I'm going for lol.
  16. Daystar 2" lift install and review on JL Sahara

    This post has been very helpful, I'm pretty confident I will be purchasing the same lift for my Sahara as well. Any update on how the vehicle rides with the new tires? love the look from the pictures you posted.