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  1. California 2019 Rubicon Wheels/Tires with TPMS

    They have been sold.
  2. EVO Extended Brake Hoses

    I would confirm that they in fact fit on the Rubicon brakes. The Rubicon brakes are different than the Sport brakes - the attachment point at the caliper is larger on the Rubicon (it is a larger square vs. a more rounded part on the Sport). I ordered a set for my Rubicon and did not use them...
  3. California Sold: 2019 Rubicon Wheels/Tires with TPMS

    Selling a set of five factory Rubicon wheels/tires (KO2s) with TPMS sensors. 4 tires have about 10,000 miles and the spare is unused. Wheels have a few light scratches/scuffs (pictures of the two worst ones are below). Local pick up in Valencia, CA. $850 OBO.
  4. Door Hinge Chipping

    I don't know. However, when I ordered back in January, I recall that there was enough of a delay between placing the order and shipment that I was beginning to wonder the same thing. I did get an email order confirmation quickly. The product ultimately arrived without issue.
  5. Door Hinge Chipping

    I also used the baby shampoo/water mixture in a spray bottle and found that a little goes a long way. I first thought more would be better and the solution was too slick (the film slid around a lot when I tried to push the water out). While I don't remember my exact ratio, one drop per 4oz...
  6. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

  7. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    Thank you!
  8. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    This is very helpful. It seems like the main adjustment can be done by loosening the 4 tailgate side hinge bolts and raising the gate height by an appropriate amount (without the help of the body side latch), which should result in the gate being the correct height once the bolts are tightened...
  9. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    Let us know if you find the video. I have heard about this but have not seen how to actually do the adjustment.
  10. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    I am looking for any help or advice around tailgate sag after installing a roughly 125 spare (37x12.5r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on 18x9 Fuel Ammo Wheels). I have the Mopar tailgate reinforcement kit installed along with the Teraflex Alpha HD Spare Tire Mount. Outside of the sagging issue...
  11. Door Hinge Chipping

    You can find the 3M pre-cut protection film at (this is for the 4 door, you an also buy a 2 door set). I just installed them and, as rickinAZ said above, baby shampoo was key. They turned out great and, unless you are...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I did reprogram for the 37s with a Tazer JL Mini. Outside of re-gearing or adding a supercharger, I am not aware of an easy way to get the acceleration back. However, I am happy with how it drives (I don't tow) and don't personally feel the need to make any other changes. Keep in mind that I...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have not done anything else. With respect to a re-gear, I have an auto 3.6 and it drives surprising well with the 37s. While it is certainly a bit more sluggish, it is not bad, and I am planning to leave the 4.10s for now. As far as the axles, while I do go off road, I don't do anything too...
  14. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    My understanding is that the two sway bar mounting options relate to wheel backspacing. When you order a kit on the MC site, there is a drop down question about wheel backspacing. If you select the option with the higher backspacing, you get the longer drop brackets and need to flip the bar. If...
  15. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    2.5" Metalcloak Gamechange RockSport Edition Fuel Ammo 18x9 (-12 offset) 37x12.5r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  16. Harsh ride from metalcloak 2.5 lift with rocksport shocks

    Did you also change tires along with the lift? If yes, maybe the air pressure is too high or the tires are a higher load range. Either of these might add to harshness.
  17. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    Finished my install about a week ago (pictures below). This thread was very helpful! Thanks to everyone. Based on my measurements, my caster looks to be right around 5 or slightly less. I want to add a bit more caster by shortening the uppers a turn or two. I have already torqued everything...