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  1. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Great stuff guys! My rig isn't built up to rock crawl. I've been there and done that with the old rig. Looks like a blast though! I'm more of a distance / go camp in the backcountry jeep person
  2. JLUR EVO Engine Skid Plate Long Term Test Review

    I've recently installed mine and have gone roughly 500 miles. I am getting some major wind humming noise coming from somewhere down there. Never heard this before installing the engine, transmission and exhaust skids. It is so loud and pretty much unbearable.... Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Moved from the west side to the east side of WA last month (the actual east side 😁) Don't suppose anyone is near Pullman?? A few weekends ago we went and explored Kendall Skyline RD. Super fun area It was cool to chat with the gentleman living / working the fire watch tower for the summer.
  4. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    Would love to "rock" these ;), count me in
  5. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    Install day - Morimoto XB Turn signals
  6. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    Exploring the new area last weekend. Always wanted to explore the Kendall Skyline RD in WA. Very fun area that we had to ourselves. They had just opened the area. We stopped at Table Rock Fire Lookout and chatted with the gentleman living there for the summer. Such a fun experience.
  7. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    Back to back install days Today was the AFE Mach Force XP Hi-Tuck Axle Back exhaust / muffler delete Ya know things get real once the angle grinder comes out Success! Install time - roughly 40 minutes
  8. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    -- Install day yesterday -- EVO Protek Engine, Transmission and Exhaust Loop Skid. Took longer than expected, roughly 2 hours. Those upper bolts were darn hard to get bolted up.
  9. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    Picked up and moved from the western side of Washington to the eastern side recently. Jeep did a great job towing the U-Haul. Having the 8 gears really helps. The sag is real.....
  10. Oregon Goose gear JLU plate system and 60% seat delete (bracket included)

    I see I wasn't the only one who's Goosegear very back plate didn't align. I was also unable to get that last right bolt in.... GLWS
  11. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Led a group through Naches Pass Trail last weekend. We went from 410 to i90. Some very technical spots, crazy hill climbs and tight squeeze's through the trees. Overall a fun, yet incredibly dusty day. Big kudos to the stock Nacho JLU. Her first time on a trail ever! And this was not...
  12. Best tailgate table?

    Don't do what I did and get the Vector offroad table. It does its job but after a few uses one of the magnets doesn't line up. Plus the stock jeep plastic back just with all those holes never gets clean. I will be upgrading to the Outback Adventures Tailgater next month. The full back plate is...
  13. Washington Rubicon Sliders, Front Bumper, Gas Cans

    They are! Send me a PM and we can work out details
  14. Washington Sold: Rubicon Sliders, Front Bumper, Gas Cans

    I'm leaving my apartment in two weeks and need to get rid of left over jeep stuff. Rubicon rocker rails + front bumper. Gas cans Bring me some beer and they are yours. Located in Kirkland, WA. Local pickup only.
  15. Florida LED Tail Lights (2 sets, smoked and clear)

    Oracle brand or OEM? I'm interested in the smoked one, shipped to WA
  16. Tennessee For Sale: Baja Designs LP6 Pro - Pair

    Dang, and I just purchased mine for full price online 🤪 GLWS
  17. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    I wish I had a better understanding of the names of the trails. We started at 410 and took FS 1708 to FS 1701. We made it a thru trip and ended at Manastash RD
  18. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    We made our way to Funny Rocks this past weekend. @Go4Low I think you'd really enjoy that area. Below is a video from the "easy" section
  19. Mr.BoJangles Build Thread

    Installed the DirtyDog4x4 pet divider the other day. I went with the 2-door version because I still wanted access to the mesh pockets behind the front seats. Funny thing is that they sent me two of the right brackets. The lady was real nice and sent me a replacement one.