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  1. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    I don't believe it is available yet, just Chief Blue, which will be around through February, and then presumably the Hydro. But I could be wrong...
  2. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    I ordered my Chief Blue 4xe Rubicon on 11/14. The dealer told me earlier in the week that they are hopeful for pricing info today. Fingers crossed.
  3. Chief Blue

    My concern is that since Hydro Blue is supposedly going to be available at some point in 2021, they lightened up Chief to distinguish it more from Hydro. But I don't think they should call it Chief if they are going to do that. Getting nervous as I don't really like the lighter version. Really...
  4. Chief Blue

    Ordered my JLUR 4xe a little over week ago in Chief Blue. Chief was just recently added as a wrangler color in the configurator on the Jeep website and it looks MUCH much lighter than I was expecting. Seems much lighter than the previous Chief wranglers or any other renderings and pre-production...