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  1. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Got the new shoes on.
  2. JL 2 Door Ocean Blue Sport S Build Thread

    Installed Teraflex Alpha HD tire carrier. I tried putting the 34 inch tire on the stock carrier with the stock bumper and it would not fit. It hit both sides of the bumper and the bottom. I also tried to air the tire down and it still did not fit. Not sure how some are saying a 35 will fit...
  3. JL 2 Door Ocean Blue Sport S Build Thread

    Added new tires and wheels. 285/75/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. 34 OD. Quadratec 41 wheels
  4. AEV Borahs on Sport S

    Deciding on rims for the Sport S in my garage. Thinking about the AEV Borahs. They have +25 offset and current rims are +44. Using all the online tools it looks like the AEV with larger tire 285 75 17 will be just a hair closer than the stock rims. I was looking for actual pictures of the...
  5. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Lots of 4 doors. I like 4 doors, I have a 4 door JK, but the 2 door is growing on me. So here is a 2 door in the first stages of transformation.
  6. JL 2 Door Ocean Blue Sport S Build Thread

    Starting Build thread for JL 2 door Ocean Blue Sport S 1. Barricade Rock Rails (May stay with them or may change them out. Was not much to chose from at the time) 2. Bestop floor mats 3. Center console tray 4. Modified antenna (cut it off) 5. Sahara front bumper. (Free) Could not stand...
  7. Jeep JL 2 door

    Jeep JL 2 door

  8. FIX for key fob key opening in my pocket every ten minutes.

    I took a rubber band and put it on the end of the key and closed the key. Cut the extra rubber band off that was hanging out. The rubber band was just enough to hold the key in its place. Now the when the button pushes the key will open just ever slightly but it will not poke you. If you...