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  1. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Guessing you changed out the LCA's as well. Do you have the part number for those? I am finding them on a couple of Mopar sites but they say JL not JLU is there any difference? Sorry new to all of this.
  2. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    You don't have any side pics do you. I have rubi take offs from steel bumper, hardtop, tow package and I am running 33's and only plan on running 33's. I am debating if I should order the teraflex 1/2 when I put them on but I don't want the 33's to look too small. Thanks again.
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Did you change out the LCA's if so where did you get them?
  4. Is the steering problem solved after all recommended fixes applied?

    Did you ever find a fix, I have had a stabilizer, track bar, and steering box switch and still have the play.
  5. NOOB Question JK wheels on JL lug size seating.

    I have a guy that had these listed as JL Rubicon wheels which I know they aren't but they the mopar wheels off of a JK. Can anyone tell me if they will fit a JLU. I know the lug pattern is the same but I have read about the lugs being slightly larger on the JL then JK. I have my kids with me all...
  6. Is the steering problem solved after all recommended fixes applied?

    Just bought a used 2018 JLU 14k and it has this issue. The stabilizer recall was done, took it back in today, new track bar and alignment no difference. I don't have the death wobble just about 2-3 inches in play. Taking it back in on Thursday and asking them to flash it and ask them if they...