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  1. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    That is awesome! I’m glad they were able to repairs yours so quickly. Hopefully you will have smooth dialing form here on our. It does seem to be like you said you get a good one or a bad one from the get go. Best of luck!
  2. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    Howdy! At the advice of a lawyer, we called our note holder, who sent a dealer representative to talk with our dealer. That paired with lots of prayers and my husband calling nearly every day and a lot of back and forth, our dealer ended up buying us out. They told us FCA wouldn’t work with...
  3. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    Our jeep has been at the dealer for over a month now. They had to engineer a new clamp to fix the leak, and we've had a lot of back and forth with "any day now" and "no eta." It finally arrived this week, and they told us we could pick it up today (after calling to see if we could bring them...
  4. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    That's a great thought, but it was charged. I honestly don't know if they are even looking at or addressing that.
  5. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    Update: We contacted our dealership Tuesday they still have no ETA on parts. We do have a jeep cares ticket number, so we will see if that helps.
  6. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    We were driving in hybrid mode. We were in the low 14s, but we got in some stop-and-go traffic. It only got to above 16 after we got off the freeway and onto the less crowded highway.
  7. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    I preordered my 4xe (my 3rd wrangler) and was so excited to pick it up this past Saturday (4/24). We drove it home - about 150 miles - and got up the next day to find a pink fluid on our garage floor. We took it to a friend who also drives a Jeep, and he told us to take it in as it looked like...