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  1. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Doing some Army training and had to pull out the personnel van twice and break brush to get around once. The recent rain has made several wash outs and some sloppy sandy areas not meant for 2WD. I think a few are convinced to buy a Jeep now and others want bigger tires and even asking about the...
  2. Virginia 37s with rims for sale $1200

    Still available.
  3. Service electronic stability control

    I'm joining the club! First problem I've had at 16000 miles. Checked all fuses. Guess it's the vacuum pump. I'll call for service next week. Wifey's birthday and it still drives, no big deal.
  4. XM/Sirrius Radio Keep or not to keep

    Well...I guess I'm the odd guy here. I paid for it once with a truck. I told them I'd ONLY accept the 1year deal without auto renewal. They said okay we will call you and it'll shutoff. It didn't and in the meantime my card number changed. They couldn't charge me and then called me for...
  5. Virginia 37s with rims for sale $1200

    I'd like too, but I'm guessing it'll help the sale for someone looking for a full set. Sorry.

    Not an expert on this one, but...I've done some maintenance and it seems to have worked. I don't get the salty roads but a few times a year in Southern VA, but we hit the salt air and beaches a lot so...(technically bottom of rust belt by Toyota recall standards...ask how I know ) Go to your...
  7. How do you manage a naked Wrangler storage overnight?

    I watch the forecast, leave it outside or...out it bag together. However for my old CJ7 I had the full rain cover. I'll be buying one soon so I can just do it that way. One problem though...I DD, so hopefully it's not really raining when I go to "put it back together. previously...
  8. Virginia 37s with rims for sale $1200

    One thing I am is honest. They are definitely uneven. However, they will give you an idea of you like the 37s, and at worst you got a nice set of rims...and a future spare. But they are uneven. I wanted to sell them to someone who wants to try them out or whatever, but not before they were...
  9. Virginia 37s with rims for sale $1200

    Williamsburg area. Where are you at?
  10. Jeep driver survives after plunging off top of six-story parking garage!

    Confession....I read the whole thing hoping by page 5 I'd find out if he was drunk, drugged, a Marine or just a dude who got too drunk in Dad's Jeep over the weekend. Could've even been a suicide attempt, friends couldn't convince him otherwise,then.... Vroom, off he went. This story needs an...
  11. Virginia 37s with rims for sale $1200

    Tires 37x12.50r17 Patagonia MT Wheels 17x8 Pro Comp series 05 15,000 miles,tires are worn uneven but have been rotated twice, still good mileage left (estimate 10k left?), 1 tire is BRAND NEW. Wheels are flawless. Have center caps. Perfect for second set, testing for 37s, or just the tires...
  12. 4wd high question

    Perhaps the key part is TURNING on dry pavement. That's when it binds. If you drive on dry pavement and go straight, no worries (in case you forget or stumble on the dry patch). It's pretty simple. Even wet conditions reduce resistance. But if there is slush or ice, sleet, even hail or...
  13. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    LIKE TIMES 1000....For the last line of your comment!!!
  14. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    This thread is's 2020...for the complainers, go back two years and you'll read about the JL and how it "hit it out if the park","Best Jeep yet", Jeep outdid themselves" ,"firmly stop the off-road world". All of the love fest we see for the Bronco. Innovative and cool, yes...
  15. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I excitedly watched as I am a fan of many off road vehicles. My favorites are the FJ 40, the old bobtail Bronco (which the new one was designed around) and old CJ5 and 7s. So, I've never been brand loyal, but I enjoy what others create and enjoying the purpose for them. That said, I've been...
  16. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Put some new shoes on it (37x13.50r17 Toyo MT), gave her a bath Family camping trip next weekend!!!
  17. 1st time mudding with my Recon

    Before you do clear silicone check out the YouTube video from wayalofe. The way he solved it looked great. Good luck
  18. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    From someone who has both.... I love both. The Jeep is mine, 4R is the wife's. Both have 3 carseats in the back too. We take either of them camping. What's the real difference? Sure, for a longer trip and NOT camping, we typically go in the 4R because it's a little more comfy for a long...
  19. Beach Essentials

    I've been going there and driving all my life. Never heard the 20lb rule. However, I agree. Always air down, always have a shovel and tow strap. Not bad to have extra water or coolant. I've seen a lot of overheating out there. I have 37x13.50s on a Rubicon and I STILL air down and still put...
  20. Supplies you keep in your JL

    I have a one mile driveway with trees on both sides....depends on the weather, but I don't carry it all the time. I've had to cut 25 trees to get out in the ice storm of 99. Every year you get stopped at least once for a fallen tree, but not my EDC kit.