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  1. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    What brand bumper did you go with that works with the blue ox base plate? Also in the other picture where did you get those red tabs? Jeep should be here tomorrow and ready to connect to Essex and hit the road!
  2. Factory CBS/CBQ leather or aftermarket?

    Looking at 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Granite Crystal and White. One was supposed to have CBS and the other CBQ. They both came in with cloth seats. Waiting on FCA to credit dealer for incorrect seats. I have talked to local Katzkin dealer about install, but they offer ventilated seats with...
  3. Possible UAW Strike

    This sounds the Oil Companies and USW. Shell goes 1st and if they sign the rest usually follow suit. But still agree with some how can the government bail them out and then move production to Mexico. Best of Luck!
  4. Feeling Ripped off with CBS leather option

    Drove over to dealer per website Window Sticker showed they had one Rubicon with the CBQ-Peforated Leather Option and the Granite Crystal had the CBS-Stitched Leather Option. Upon arriving at dealership both Rubicons listed the $1795 option but had cloth seats. Told dealer to deduct the $1795...