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  1. 2018 Jeep JL rear main seal leak. Warrenty issue.

    they call those inspection holes, either way, that is not the only way dirt can get it, the housing has other holes in the area. I have discusses with shops that modify jeeps and Toyotas and they said is common, happens. more often on Toyotas which sort of made me feel better, but at the same...
  2. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I fixed it, sort of, I have to touch this setting every time I start the car so that it activates, sort of defaults to 0, or gets stuck. I have also lowered the power output from 60 to 40, but some songs still crackle a little, anyone with this issue? I think I will have to upgrade the...
  3. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    Hey did he tell you how? If anyone is having issues with the alpine sub not working, let me know. I will post this weekend the settings I have. Most of it seemed fine, but there was one that was stuck, as soon as I touched the setting it started to work.
  4. Florida Looking for JLU Gray hardtop

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Sting-Gray hardtop, could trade texture black plus cash . I'm in south Florida Miami, but willing to travel in Florida and Georgia. If you see this add I'm still looking
  5. Florida WTB Rubicon Fender Flares

    did you sell the fenders?