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  1. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Best price I can find in Ft Lauderdale is about $3.09, most are .05 to .10 cents higher tho. I saw someone said they saw $3.70 in Miami but I've not seen anything that high, ...yet.
  2. Jeep Wave. Anyone feel like this?

    Waves are hit and miss here in Ft Lauderdale. Sometimes I even get odd looks back, ...some 'get it' tho. Waves seem to improve as you go up the east coast to central and north FL. Waves also popular with corvettes, motorcycles and boats, and all seem to improve when I cruise up the coast of FL...
  3. Does the Soft Top get any Easier???

    Definitely gets easier. I had the same issues at first...all good now.
  4. ThinSkinz® Shieldz for your Jeep JL Doorz

    I keep telling my teenage daughters to be careful with their backpacks getting in and out of the Jeep. They just like to throw it in and the buckles on them are starting to scratch the door. So....I just ordered a pair of these. Short of using a heat gun on the plastic door, how can I remove...
  5. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    I had the same thing happen to me when I first purchase my Jeep. I have a sloped driveway. If I'm washing or working on any of my vehicles and need to move it, I climb in, with the door open, start it, put it in neutral and let it just roll back a bit. I did it twice before I realized the Jeep...
  6. Shipping Issues..what to do?

    Presume you have called Fed-x with whatever tracking info you have? Ive had some odd delays like this before with them (Fed-x) especially when ordering really big/heavy items. Both times was held at my local Fed-x facility for inspection. I'm guessing because items like I described often show up...
  7. Very Happy Day!

    So nice not to have that car payment!
  8. 33's on a Sport S

    I have a Sport S with 17x9 -12 offset wheels with 285/70/17 Toyo ATIII. The tires rub the front bumper close out panel when reverse full turn. Many just remove those close out panels, I just trimmed mine a bit and no more rub. Ive had this set up for 6 months or so and pretty happy with it. I...
  9. Aftermarket LED Tail Lights

    I got the tail lights installed about two weeks ago, just now posting pics for anyone that may be interested in these tail lights. Also installed the Jeep fuel door while I was replacing the tail lights.
  10. What was your first modification??

    My first mod was getting rid of the horrible halogen headlights for LEDs with DRL's and Morimoto LED fogs. I did that within the first few days.
  11. Georgia Mopar Steel Front and Rear bumpers plus Winch plate!

    Ugh, wish you were a bit closer to S Florida, Ive been looking hard for Rubi steel take off front bumper, ...all that for $k is a deal for someone.
  12. Newbie lift / tire question

    I'll let more experienced Jeepers comment on this but my understanding is the Mopar 2in lift will actually get you 3 to 4 inches of lift on a Sport. I'd like to get the Mopar lift but 3 or 4 inches is more than I want.
  13. What are you paying for Sirius?

    I do the 12 months for $60+ tax ($72 total) but it started with my 4Runner. The free year just expired on my Jeep last week and they want another $60+ tax ($72 total) to add my Jeep. That totally sucks. I do have the app so can use the app but would prefer so have it directly on Uconnect. Also...
  14. Illinois Are my factory steel bumpers worth anything?

    Ive been looking for a Rubicon take off front steel bumper, just no luck yet in my area. New the front bumper is $900 or better. I've seen takes off as cheap as $400 up to $700+ if includes skid plate. So yeah, unless they are really beat up, they are definitely worth something and will prob...
  15. 2.5" lift with 0 offset 17x9 - UPDATE - AEV lift question

    Thanks, I read that as minimum of 5" on their site too, but when I called them I was told it would specify that, and it only shows 5", which to me would seem odd, that would mean only someone with a 5" backspace on their wheels can use this lift without modifications??
  16. 2.5" lift with 0 offset 17x9 - UPDATE - AEV lift question

    Thanks for the info. I'm not too concerned about lead time unless it's more than 90 days. I will also have this done by local 4x4 shop. Did they tell you what would rub? If a fender is rubbing slightly at articulation I could prob live with that. If it would rub on suspension parts, that I don't...
  17. 2.5" lift with 0 offset 17x9 - UPDATE - AEV lift question

    Just reading this thread, trying to educate myself on lifts and all the variables etc etc. I never even considered wheel offset/backspace. Im also looking at the JKS lifts, this one - tire...
  18. Aftermarket LED Tail Lights

    I did look at those and I agree, pretty sharp. Unique from what you see available too. Seems many here have not had a good experience with that company. I have seen some other threads and some seem to be happy with them. I have no personal experience. Either way they are not available now and I...