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  1. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I am in the same boat with the lack of a soft top. I've always been a Ford guy and it has taken me a few months to get past the lack of a soft top on the new Bronco. The Bronco crowd is really going to freak out when they find out how much longer it is likely going to take to get a 2 door!
  2. 2021 Rubicon (3.6L) - Rough idle, loss of power, misfiring. Dealer can't replicate. Now what?

    Glad to hear they found this for you. My 2018 3.6 had the exact same symptoms when new and this was the fix. I'm not sure if this is connected, but mine has always idled rougher than others but of course the service people cannot notice this, and there have been 3 instances of unexplainable...
  3. So glad i bought another Wrangler... SO FAR

    Dealer ineptitude is a really big deal in the FCA world. Over the last two years I have bought two Jeeps which I love and always figured if I decided to keep them past the warranty I could buy the Mopar extended warranty and be fine. I am beginning to rethink this since having warranty and...
  4. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I was ready to jump ship. I've got an 18K mile JL that will need a clutch before long and decided to reserve a Bronco. Then while I was trying to get on the website to reserve, I found out the 2 door was not available with a soft top. Crazy! Perhaps, I will need to go back a 3rd time for the...
  5. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Heck yeah I will be checking out those Broncos! Love my JL but I've got a clutch on borrowed time that the dealer says is fine. It seems there is very little they will fix under warranty so an extended warranty won't help much. I've had much better luck with the Ford dealers. Fortunately...
  6. E-brake not working...

    E brake handles definitely fail. And of course the dealerships struggle to repair them, too. Mine took 3 visits. Didn't have the part first 2 visits. Took 2 days and nearly 3 to install on the 3rd visit. Still needs adjusted but I will probably just try to figure this out
  7. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Mine won't pass the slip test but all I got was a sleeve last week. It's back today so we shall see. They even told me it was slipping 8K ago when I got a oil change but that may have been to cover for the lot guy who didn't know how to drive a stick. They were all having a good laugh about...
  8. Minimum Garage Clearance for your Wrangler? - Let's discuss

    Easy decision on lift and tires for me. Skipped those and fit in the garage. I can't even fit with my top back and am scared to death I will pull in one day with it open.
  9. Is standard soft top a deal breaker?

    Last time with our JK we bought it with a hardtop and added the soft. This time on the JL we ordered only soft. The premium soft top is worth it to me and may be a dealbreaker.
  10. 4x4 Not Engaging

    I was afraid I was the only one didn't know how to engage 2L
  11. Blind Spot detection: is it useless or am I missing something?

    Mine too. Definitely limits its practical use. Other vehicles give you the heads up far sooner and are much more useful.
  12. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    Even rarer still is the elusive 2 door with a manual! Times square change...
  13. Good Dealer Experience

    Are you for real, I can't tell...sounds like kinda a lot of months to get the radio to work
  14. Positive Dealer Service Experience

    So sad that a positive service experience is such a rarity in the Jeep world. The hard core amongst us seem to brush it off as a Jeep thing, but just imagine the success FCA could have if they put more effort into build quality and service. Local dealer was able to successfully diagnose and...
  15. Extended warranty - please explain the appeal

    I totally get thinking about extended Mopar warranties even though I can easily self insure. FCA vehicles do not seem to have the reliability I am accustomed to with other (American) brands. Most likely I will not purchase for Rubicon but the Trailhawk air suspensions seem to be failure prone.
  16. Fire result of transmission failure

    If you seek only to be made whole vehicle wise, I am quite surprised they haven't got you all fixed up nearly immediately!
  17. Salesperson question - credit for sale on a custom order?

    Not sure how they are with trades, but Superior was very pleasant to deal with no BS whatsoever or additional fees other than a buck 30 doc fee
  18. Can’t help but pick on the “little guy”

    What has the world come to? People think station wagons are cool now and the kid at the dealer can't drive a stick!