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  1. JK Rebates

    I don't remember. I believe it was Jalopnik or 4Wheeler. In an article about the Roxor it was stated that they were gauging interest based off the Roxor and if there was enough the Thar would be looked at as well.
  2. JK Rebates

    It would just be nice to have additional options. There really aren't any now. Late 80s-00s there were: Bronco, Samurai, Sportage, Tracker, Rodeo/Amigo etc.
  3. JK Rebates

    I'd like to see it as an option. The soccer mom's etc may not go for it which is a large portion of jeep customers. I'm sure plenty of people would go for it however who want a true jeep or a lower cost point for a jeep. True jeepers, teens first car, fun family vehicle, cabin/beach house...
  4. JK Rebates

    There was a leaked document that stated heavy rebates for the JK, and looked like it would start March/April. I wouldn't be surprised if Chrysler cancelled the plan. Let's skyrocket the JL price so the outgoing model seems like a sale.... Chevy, Ford, Honda etc all put large rebates on their...
  5. JK Rebates

    There is talk that Mahindra is considering the idea of selling the Thar in the USA. The Thar is basically a true CJ. If this happens it will be a huge blow to Chrysler. I'd buy a Thar in a heartbeat. They have held the Patent since WWII. More jeep than Fiat...
  6. JK Rebates

    Any of the dealers on here hear any word on the rebates yet?
  7. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    Have you driven both? I test drove a JLU Rubi and it rode like shit. Suspension was stiff and harsh, the steering reacted funny, and the wheel constantly seesawed back and forth.
  8. odometer reading at pickup

    They were using your Jeep for test drives or a worker took it home. I wouldn't be happy about that since it was a custom order. Bad business on the dealerships part. The most miles I've ever seen on one of my custom orders was 7...
  9. Jeep announces that 2018's will NOT get the Off-Road pages

    High prices, increase the price, increase delivery, and don't even come through on what they advertised...
  10. Destination to $1445!!!

    Ahh so I bet it is a golden ticket. Only a select few get them if so. I have bought 5 jeeps in the last 3 years and always get Jeep emails. I didn't get this one so it must not be for everyone unfortunately.
  11. Destination to $1445!!!

    I wonder if the Wrangler JK is excluded. It just says wrangler which is what they now call the JL. Where did you get this offer from?
  12. JK Rebates shows the F150 and F250 at $1,395. $50 cheaper and the Ford takes up twice the space on the Rig. The fact is Chrysler is screwing their customers with the JL.
  13. JK Rebates

    I think the February sales numbers are misleading. Since a new model came out dealerships were purchasing stock. This likely accounts for the increase.
  14. JK Rebates

    Is there a source for the delay or just a guess? They definitely left the JK around for a while knowing they planned on screwing their customers with the JL pricing. Used it as a transition piece. Just like how they waited a bit and added $500 to the invoice pricing and now have the highest...
  15. If the new JL is too pricey

    This is a scaled down version of the Mahindra Thar. The Thar is basically a true CJ. If they offer a street legal Roxor or Thar in the US, I will buy one in a heartbeat! Stripped down, real jeep. Chrysler is screwing their customers. 4-6k increase in price over the JK with the JL. Now raised...
  16. Rough country 2.5 lift installed

    Cool that was my guess. Is it a Sport? How's the acceleration and shifting with the bigger tires?
  17. Rough country 2.5 lift installed

    What size tire did you go with?
  18. JK Rebates

    Any updates on this yet? A set date? How much?
  19. $460 Increase in Invoice/MSRP Pricing on JLUR?

    Ford and Chevy are at $995 for destination on the same size and larger vehicles. Yet Chrysler thinks charging $500 more is ok... That is more than destination for a Super Duty pick-up!
  20. $460 Increase in Invoice/MSRP Pricing on JLUR?

    $1500 destination fee??? CHRYSLER is really bending their customers over. They will be losing customers.