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  1. This 6 Speed is...interesting.

    Had mine for a year now. I shift around 3.5k
  2. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    Beautiful. Enjoy it and look forward to your updates. Have fun
  3. ARB intensity lights

    Truly some of the best lights you can get. Enjoy, ARB is tops, so good choice.
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Those rims look way better than black imo, especially in a grayish color. Black is way to played out. Everyone has a set. Looks great. Welcome to the SG club
  5. Key fob not Detected, fob not operating

    This is unfortunately your best option it sounds like
  6. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    My input. I had this same issue, first time i went to use my defrost and my side mirrors and rear window didnt defrost. Checked online and found the soldering connection issue so went to check and sure enough, my right ride wasnt even connected and was broke off. Brought it into the...
  7. Whats the difference from the 2018 vs. 2019 JL Rubicon?

    Nice. Didnt know that, thanks for the info:rock:
  8. Whats the difference from the 2018 vs. 2019 JL Rubicon?

    Are you positive? They initially launched with ORP, but after a software update they all disappeared. Uconnect stated offroad pages will not be on the 2018 and only available from 2019 onward.
  9. JLUR DRL and Rear defrost Inop

    Ill bump this for an update as well. First time using the defrost today. Side mirrors and rear glass didnt defrost. Searched and found this thread and my rear glass connectors are detached. Need to set up an appointment monday
  10. Very general

    Huge congrats! Being a wrangler owner is being part of a big family. Beautiful jlr and most importantly, have fun:like:
  11. Found terrible welds on my frame horns

    They gave me a loner, and i had to bring it back 4 days later and have been driving the JL since then. I really dont understand the holdup though. The welds are clearly crap and the missing welds and holes in the frame. Does it really take 3 weeks to say, "yeah, we need to fix that!"?
  12. Found terrible welds on my frame horns

    Im still waiting on any info from fca. The dealership forwarded them everything they needed and still crickets. Dealership called the other day to say, "hey, we are still waiting from fca. Just know we didnt forget about you."
  13. @outdoortree overland build

    Looks fantastic. Anymore updates?
  14. Clutch took a dump.

    Wow. How many miles?
  15. JL Jeep Rubicon Front Bumper WINCH !

    I have the stealth and ive used it more times than i care to admit, and its always done its job and has never failed me or those ive helped with it. I wouldnt hesitate to buy another
  16. 2019 2.0 Wont Start

    Unbelievable :facepalm:
  17. The Day All Those Jeep Mods Finally Pay Off!

    "This is what we do!" Lol, i love it