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  1. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    Try ARB Nundah in Brisbane : Or try the ARB Australia contact page:
  2. Delivery Times for Australia

    The factory takes orders from right hand drive markets globally & won’t schedule a manufacturing slot until they have a “X” number to produce. There’s zero output during the setup process, which = zero revenue & they need to reverse the setup at the end of the run. Similarly, Jeeps manufactured...
  3. Delivery Times for Australia

    If the vehicle comes with two options you didn’t order then you should thank them for the free upgrade, after all they signed the same contract you did. Try to hold them to the contract if you can, good luck.
  4. Delivery Times for Australia

    Can we order the colour coded hard top on the Rubicon in Oz? Dealer told me it wasn't an option here, but you do get colour matched fenders with the lux pack? They may have changed this to include the top for 2020, but you may want to confirm with the dealer as a lot of their sales guys don't...
  5. MY20 JL Changes

    All American Wheeling in Brisbane say a fix is "in development for the near future"
  6. Aux Switch Installation

    Went to Jeep at Indooroopilly today (Brisbane) to have a look at an MY20 as I was nearby, was surprised to find they’ve dropped Jeep & now sell Suzuki’s & Nissan’s. I know the new car market in Oz is tough right now, but still concerned when Essendon closed & Indooroopilly dropped the brand?
  7. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    ARB Australia have finally updated their Aussie site to include the JL wrangler. Still limited options here though, & no suspension lift as yet. Compare this to ARB’s US site where they have old man emu 2.5 & 3.5” lift kits & 4 different bull...
  8. Picked up JLUR, engine light is illuminated on the second day

    Wouldn't be calling road side assistance as this is only RACQ / RACV. Don't let the dealer off the hook, they should sort if for you under warranty & its most likely only something simple anyway. Is your JL petrol or diesel?
  9. Aussie spec headlights!!! Halo? No Halo? Automatic? what?

    Would be easier importing a US Wrangler & converting it to right hand drive :)
  10. Australian Interstate... How "legal" is it to travel with my car?

    Rogisilva – you won’t have any problems in QLD. They mainly target twin cabs & carry a laminated check sheet for hilux, ranger, navara etc. Doubt they’d even have Jeep listed. They check your suspension height by measuring from the hub centre to guard/fender. Officer, it’s a two inch spring...
  11. Bushfire hazard

    It happened to a JL in that video. Does the 2.2 diesel have a DPF? I haven't checked. Not sure if the Aussie spec JL 2.2 diesel has a DPF, if it does it'll be a better system than Toyota's. If you're insurer covers you off road, then they'll cover you in a grass fire, but you would have to be...
  12. Bushfire hazard

    Wouldn’t be too concerned about this happening in a Jeep Wrangler. I would however be a little worried in a Toyota Hilux / Prado / Fortuner with their DPF, but like you say be mindful where you park.
  13. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    Bugs on board, that's one slow boat. Still, explains the wait though... :)
  14. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    Rear bumper looks great!!
  15. LJ safety rating

    RACQ just released their “Used car safety rating buyer's guide” It gives the old JK Wrangler 5 stars!! The JL Wrangler is much safer than the JK. Seems to me the ANCAP Safety rating is complete BULLSH#T after all.
  16. Finally, my Rubicon arrived

    Love the look of the colour matched roof, especially in white looks great! It so annoying Aussies can’t order a Rubicon from the factory with a colour matched roof. Get leather seats & you get colour matched fenders which is cool, but you can’t option the roof. Could you give me a ballpark on...
  17. JL Wrangler Australia

    My 2 cents - You don’t need paint protection, especially from a car dealer. This is price gouging 101, steer clear.
  18. Delivery dates

    So Jeep Australia can’t shoot an e-mail to the factory to ask for the projected production window/s for right hand drive wranglers, then add the shipping time to send that batch of vehicles to come up with an accurate delivery date? Can’t be that difficult, unless the factory keeps changing the...
  19. JL Wrangler Australia

    Wow, looks good in black, great looking rig!
  20. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    ARB don’t yet list the JL on their Aussie webpage - “Still measuring & assessing local JL’s” So the only ARB gear available in OZ for the JL at the moment is their rear draw system & a compressor bracket. See attached. Really want to see what the ARB lift will be available on OZ spec wranglers...