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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Well I do question my sanity but it is awesome!
  2. Engine cutting out on hill climb

    Dang. I wish I woulda seen this before I hit the dunes. I thought maybe the turbo was shutting down on high temp cuz I would climb the first big hill but a subsequent big hill it screwed me almost at the top a couple times
  3. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    I agree 100%! I have this guy givn a goofy look 🤣 and a pit mix breed They love the jeep rides
  4. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    Awesome doggies u have there
  5. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    Gotcha. Yeah will do during the week
  6. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    Thanks everybody for replying. Got here late evening n got to enjoy the eve on the beach then eat at Red Messa. Wow great Mexican food and margaritas! We’ll be checking out Twisted Trails ORV park this weekend that is close and some wineries n breweries on the Traverse peninsula. Such a cool...
  7. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    Hello all. Takin the new Sport S on this trip starting Friday. Any suggestions on must see or do’s in the Traverse area? Off-roading, site seeing etc We’re doing hotel on the water but wish I was doing wut wibornz did on his awesome looking adventure. Hoping to buy a small camper next year Thanks
  8. Am I crazy for liking the stock Sport suspension?

    Cool. Yeah I’m not gonna do anything cra. Thx!
  9. Am I crazy for liking the stock Sport suspension?

    My 21 has Dana m186 and m200s. So those are good axles?
  10. How did you wire your winch?

    Do the Warn winches not have a solenoid on them like Smittybuilt? Smitty directions are to wire directly to battery from the sol. Just wanting to make sure I’m not missing something. Thx
  11. Caution! Tailpipe hazard

    Yes definitely
  12. Caution! Tailpipe hazard

    Just a FYI for anybody removing +/ installing around the tailpipe. It is sharp as a filet knife! I was removing factory bumper and my thumb tip hit the pipe. Wow that hurt. Small but deep cut.
  13. JLU Sport Regear for 35’s w/ 2 in lift??

    Mickeys seem pretty good. First time using large tires so not sure if they r better r worse than others. Minimal hum on hwy. Trying mud for first time tomorrow
  14. JLU Sport Regear for 35’s w/ 2 in lift??

    This machine has 2 liter, 3” Zone lift, and MickyT Bajas I asked my salesman before installing and he said wouldn’t need regearing with 35s Little rough on big bad spots but nothin I can’t live with. Love it
  15. TPMS Issue

    That’s exactly what I will do. And ur correct @Goin2drt is the man!
  16. I feel like I made a good choice vehicle wise.....

    In June traded my mustang conv for my 21 sport n been lovin it way more even 8.5k in mods later😬
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Barricade round adventure mirrors on extreme terrain. vibration on smooth road not much. Obviously rough spots there is
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Update pic Wheels n tires an amazing improvement
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got my Smitty front bumper on over the weekend and last 2 days buyin 5k of mods 😬 35” Mickeys Baja boss ATs Pro comp Apex satin black milled wheels 3” lift Smitty winch Front mats Foot pegs Smitty rear bumper Smitty spare tire mount Superchips TPMS sensors Now hopefully mamma doesn’t boot me...