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  1. What are you guys using for roof racks?

    Just what I’m was looking for, thanks. Interested if it can hold an Icamper
  2. Those with Bright White Tops please chime in

    I have the white top and prefer it over a black top. I live at a higher elevation and the heat gain from the sun is minimal. I'm surprised that when I get in after it has been parked in the sun and feel the inside of the top and its slightly warm. I don't think I would even get the roof...
  3. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    I've been waiting for the metal cloak lift so I can avoid this...
  4. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Badger Flats outside of lake George, Colorado. Stock JLUR did fine until the deeper 3' snow drifts. Than a winch and a tow did the trick.
  5. Tail gate hard to open

    Ok I finally took the time to tweak the plastic guide that secures the rear door. I was having problems with the rear door sticking and a creaking sound coming from that area. Like others suggested I put some grease on the bottom of the latch and the rear door sticking issue went away for...
  6. Tail gate hard to open

    Thanks for your tips, I hate creaks. I find two areas that creep back, my Jeep normally drives so great. The other place is over the drivers side removable top panel near the latch. Every once in a while I have to remove the panel and wipe down the rubber gasket. It must get dust in there, my...
  7. Tail gate hard to open

    I have been dealing with that same creak. Think the guide is rubbing on the bottom edge of the door. I'll have to try adjust it. I have been placing a piece of paint protection film in there and it works for several weeks but wears out and starts creaking again.
  8. Steering resistance then goes away ..feels dangerous

    I had the same problem on my JLUR that has 8600 miles on it. First cold day, 15 degrees, traveling just over 60 mph road turned to the left. Only able to turn wheel to about the 10 o'clock position. Had to take a right turn at the upcoming intersection instead. Brought it in to dealer who...
  9. Dew snowflakes marks on windshield

    They were on the inside. The first time I cleaned it they were almost gone. I followed up with a water denatured alcohol solution. Problem solved.
  10. JLWF / Iron Cross Automotive Giveaway: Stubby Front Bumper with Bar/LED Cutout

    If I would win, I’d add the matching rear bumper and than upgrade my Rock sliders to go along with it! Really like the integrated LED light bar, great design. Count me in please, come on lucky entry number!
  11. Tail gate hard to open

    I've had the same problem. I read on this forum of others having the same problem. What works is putting a little lubricant on the latch located on the left side of the tailgate opening. Hope this works.
  12. JL / JLU Accessories, Wish List and Generic Accessories

    Have you seen this custom made one?
  13. Track bar sheared off at the weld. I feel like I’m cursed with my new JL

    Hey Brian, I also have the exact problems with my JLUR with a build date of 3/18. Thanks for all your work. Just cant understand how this passed inspection. Very interested in how this will be resolved.
  14. Homelink Mod

    This is a great post as I like to have the garage door go up before I start my engine. I found that if I keep my foot off the brake pedal and push the start button twice it allows me to use the homelink button to open the garage door. Than just apply brake pressure and push the start button to...
  15. TSB: Uconnect Software Version Update to 1810.02 (TSB 08-012-18 REV. C (June 12, 2018)

    I've tried to use to Jeep Wave program for a free loaner while my JLUR is in for warranty work(cruise control recall). The local dealer advised no loaner vehicles available. I hate being offered a benefit and than when you need it, they come up with excuses. Poor business practices in my book.
  16. Does anyone have a JEEP tent or after market brand that attaches to rear hatch?

    I have been looking at going that route also. Found these so far.
  17. ExtremeTerrain Giveaway: DV8 Off-Road Front Aluminum Inner Fenders [Ended]

    DV-8 Aluminum Inner Fenders, sign me up I hate the stock plastic ones.