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  1. FS: 5x BFG AT KO2 All Terrain Tires 35x12.5r17 - Socal - $1000

    Corrected the title. They are 35x12.5r17s
  2. FS: 5x BFG AT KO2 All Terrain Tires 35x12.5r17 - Socal - $1000

    Selling a matched set of 5 BFG KO2 tires in size 35/12.50/17 These 13/32nds of tread left, which is 86% of the original tread. These tires are known to last up to 60,000mi. They've been balanced, aligned, and rotated twice a year since new using a 5 wheel tire rotation. So all tires have equal...
  3. JL owners with dogs

    Check out bedtreds. I have them in my JK. They replace the floor mats with what looks like bedliner. German Shepherd hair doesn’t stick to it like the carpet. So it’ll blow out or vacuum out easily. It’s also easier to clean dirt from. Between those and a rear seat hammock, my jeep has become a...
  4. [Question] Roof Rack to remove Hard Top

    Yeah, but you'd have to unbolt the inside brackets from the roll bars. With this style of roof rack, the mounts just connect through the hard top, not to it.
  5. Speculate about Adaptive Cruise Control

    This concept has been proven to be true in everything from cars to football helmets. The first episode of Freakonomics was about this counterintuitive phenomenon. But it's also kind of unavoidable. People said the same thing about seat belts and anti lock brakes. But as long as most people want...
  6. 260 HP / 442 TQ

    Yeah. I was real excited about the diesel because it's like that elusive option that never seems to make it to North America. And the torque would be nice, but that price premium really dampens the appeal. To your point, $~4500 could pay for a lift, regear, and armor. Or a super charger, or an...
  7. Production Models 2019

    I'm also curious about this. I was waiting for the 2019 for the diesel. But I'm also curious what they might change or improve. I'd really like them to add forward emergency braking, as well as work out kinks and allow the aftermarket to release more parts.
  8. Speculate about Adaptive Cruise Control

    Anyone heard rumors about when they'll start to offer this? It sounds like it's already an issue in the Australian market. I hope that pressures them to add it sooner than the mandated 2022. This is the only next gen safety feature I actually want. Blind spot, rear cross, seem unnecessary to...
  9. 260 HP / 442 TQ

    I should have caveated by writing something like "But these are all hypothetical. They could both get 10mpg off road. Who knows." 25% is a lot more realistic (based on Ram 1500 eco diesel vs V6 mpg). My point is that during low fuel efficiency conditions like technical off roading, you...
  10. 260 HP / 442 TQ

    I'm estimating for off road range where you're getting more like 10mpg with gasoline (210mi/tank). So getting 15mpg with Diesel would be a big increase (105mi/tank more, which would be the equivalent of 10g of gas getting 10mpg). But these are all hypothetical. They could both get 10mpg off...
  11. Hydro Assist Steering

    I guess no one's at that point yet. I'm gear up to do it on my JK and wondering how easy it will be to replicate on the JL.
  12. How Does new Rubicon Axle Compare to the JK Recon / J8?

    Weird that the ring gears are smaller. But even in the JK's Dana 30s, it seemed like what most often caused broken diffs was the overall housing bending, causing the ring and pinion to get out of spec and break.
  13. Equivalent of JKU lift for JL

    I'm wondering the same thing. Personally, I'd get a cheap 2" lift and wait for the AEV one to hit the market.
  14. Hydro Assist Steering

    *Not sure which sub-forum this should go in* Has anyone started to look into hydro-assist with the new steering system? I assume it's still possible since the steering pump is electric but the power steering is still hydraulic. Dynatrac's Code1 concept JL seems like it would need...
  15. Bestop JL Soft Top - Help Us Decide

    Agreed! The fastbacks are nice when you're squeezing between two trees, but the rest of the time I can't afford to lose that much cargo space.
  16. 260 HP / 442 TQ

    THB, the more I read about the diesel, the more I'm thinking it's not going to be worth it. It sounds like it's going to end up being a $6,000-7000 cost (some of that's the auto trans but still). And more maintenance and possible bad resale value as diesel's eco reputation continues to waiver...
  17. Bestop JL Soft Top - Help Us Decide

    The sunrider for hard top is one of my favorite mods on my JK. And it will probably be the one of the first things I do on a JL. I'd love to see bolts and nuts or nutserts on the JL's sunrider instead of rivets.