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  1. CB Antenna Mount Needed!

    Sure, but somehow you need to connect it to power. Aux 4 in this case is just acting as a power source. It's kind of neat because in the set-up screen you can configure the switch to remember its last state. As such, you can set it up so that the CB turns on and off with the ignition - or not.
  2. Installing a new CB

    Not a dumb question! Yes, in and around Moab and on the trails CB is king.
  3. My JLU's turning into a TOAD

    There's a similar thread here on this same topic. People seem to be saying good things about the Rockhard bumper - and the aluminum one is nice because of the weight savings. CoolTechLLC has a wiring kit out for the JL to control the lights.
  4. KO2 - LT35X12.5R15 vs LT315/70R17

    Not According to BFG..... the 35x12.5 is showing as 34.5" overall dia and the metric tire as 34.4" - so virtually the same. BFG lists the metric tire as .4" WIDER in tread width and .2" wider in section width.
  5. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    WOW! Be careful with that. You need to get to a GOOD dealership and show them that video!!! Any service manager with his/her salt is going to be all over getting that fixed for you!
  6. Spare Tire Measurement - 'lil Help Please

    Hello fellow JL owners. We are in the process of finalizing a product and signing up as a vendor, etc. We would greatly appreciate a little help. For the stock Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon owners, we are looking for the gap between the spare tire bulge and the painted surface of the Jeep...
  7. KO2 size question

    They will be absolutely fine. As FYI, metric tire designations are pretty easy to decipher - assuming you care. Example: 285/75-17 285 is the tread width in mm. 75 is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of treadwidth. 75% of 285mm is 213.75mm 17 is the diameter of the...
  8. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    2" ??? Excuuuse me! That's 2.5", and nothing less! LOL LOL (Yeah, the Mopar kit.)
  9. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Someone asked about the back-up camera with the larger rear tire on the back...
  10. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Mine transformed to this in less than 100 miles...
  11. Tail gate reinforcement kit worth the $ for 35's?

    Yeah, I hope you will be OK. I knew the Mopar Beadlockers I put on mine were super heavy - very likely heavier than most. And then perhaps I was swayed too much by the thread on here where the OP dented his tailgate with a heavy wheel/tire combo. As FYI - below is a pic of what the OEM...
  12. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Yes, absolutely. The rings are not very adjacent to any painted areas and I think that virtually any pure bright red is going to be satisfactory to you (it will look like the firecracker red).
  13. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Sorry, forgot to answer you earlier... The powdercoating shop uses Cardinal Paint and the powdercoat color is T009-RD01 This is a bright red. Also, it is almost an exact match for Ford's "Race Red". Good luck!
  14. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Per your request. Yes, you can see the tire/rim but it doesn't block that much at all.
  15. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    In the OEM configuration there is a gap between the hinges and the tire carrier bracket bolted to the tailgate. Presumably this "gap" is under stress with a heavier tire/wheel combination. What this cast-metal optional tire reinforcement piece does is tie the tire carrier piece directly to the...
  16. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Here's the addendum page to the Mopar Lift install instructions;
  17. Tail gate reinforcement kit worth the $ for 35's?

    JEEPJL - You are likely over Mopar's 85lb limit. Combine this with the possibility that the OEM bump stops are not contacting the tire to help prevent wobble? I'd have some concerns.
  18. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Yeah, the reinforcemnt bracket IS installed in these pics. You can just get a glimpse of it. I can snap a better pic if interested and I will also try to get a back-up camera view (with larger rear tire).
  19. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Yes. There is an addendum page stapled in as the last page of the instructions calling for these gray collars to replace the black (rubber) lower callers on the front springs. They were definitely an afterthought and maybe they forgot to add the page to your instructions.
  20. Firecraker Red Mopar Lift & Beadlockers

    Well, I think a lot depends on your planned ratio of on-road versus off-road as well as where you off-road. Clearly, 37's provide more clearance for extreme off-roading. But, for on-road, I think 37's are just getting too big. Over time, it would likely prompt me to do a re-gear and then if I...