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  1. No Drill: DeeZee vs Exposed Racks Opinions?

    If you go with DeeZee, watch out for retailers posting the rack in stock when it's really backordered for around $400. Not sure why they are all doing this, but it's SUPER annoying. I was going to purchase one myself but have received backorder notices from two stores already. Haven't tried...
  2. People that had issues with EcoDiesel

    3K miles in ~2 months. No issues yet. Loving the diesel engine. *knock on wood
  3. Permanently remove auto start stop system

    Yeah, i have over 1000 miles on the car now and I've never had the start/stop engage. Guess I'm lucky? I could try to turn it on and see if it actually works, but if everything works otherwise I'm tempted to not poke the bear.
  4. Permanently remove auto start stop system

    My 2021 JLU Rubicon Diesel doesn't have start/stop function enabled. Maybe the dealer disabled it for me?