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  1. M416 trailer tire service in MD/DC/VA area?

    After calling around, ive located a shop that has experience dealing with inner tubes. Executive Wholesale Tire 750 E Gude Dr, Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 294-8820
  2. SCENIC offroading in Philly/DC area?

    This trail is pretty easy.
  3. M416 trailer tire service in MD/DC/VA area?

    I am trying to replace the tires on a Vietnam era M416 trailer and having difficulty locating a shop that could do it without puncturing the inner tubes. Ive called NTB, Just Tires and a few local shops. Anyone know of any shop that can handle tires with inner tubes? Thank you!!

    I finally sold my set of 2018 JL-Sport wheel and tire (after 3 years with 1000 miles on them) for $250 :(
  5. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Hey I am looking to regear my JL too. Let us know how you did (which shop, and price-wise). I currently have a 6 speed JL with 35s (no lift). It's a little sluggish but tolerable for now. We're going camping next week (July 29) and with an M416 trailer and rooftop tent (and camping gear) in...
  6. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Nice pictures @Rcarpen22 Took the family out on Feb 15. We drove the entire Gambrill Park Rd off of Mountaindale road in 4H. It took us a few tries to get up a hill near Fishing Creek Rd. Luckily there were two guys in a 4Runner on top of the hill helped spotting.
  7. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Came out of a Harris Teeter and a Zombicon appeared next to the Jeep!! :)
  8. JL tool set .... fail

    cool! You must have a 4 door! I only have a 2 door lol..... must save as much space as I can lol
  9. JL tool set .... fail

    Yea... I don’t put the door bolts back in the summer. I did put them back last winter to prevent rust?!?
  10. JL tool set .... fail

    Took the doors off for a drive today... As I was in the middle of putting the doors back on (no garage) the wrench driver broke apart! Does anyone know how much for a new set?
  11. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Pacific Northwest is one of the best places to own a Jeep!
  12. I was Oblivious To Jeep Wave

    It’s great, isn’t it? The Jeep wave!!
  13. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Parked next to this beauty today at the pool after dropping off my daughter for practice.
  14. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Haha! I was going to say nice Gladiator but bad parking job but hit the post reply too soon :LOL:
  15. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Parked next to a Gladiator!! Nice shades of gray!
  16. My daughter's aren't even in high school yet and I bought them a brand new JLUR for CHRISTMAS!

    Ha! my son is turning 11 this June and has already claimed my 18 JL for his 16th birthday! He’s already thinking about a lift lol
  17. Jim-M new member

    First forum rule: pictures or it didn’t happen :LOL:!:jk:
  18. Photo Share! - First Post

    Nice! Congrats and Welcome!! +1 for String-Gray! :like:
  19. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    I wouldn’t necessarily poll public opinion for my family private affairs. However regarding the topic, it would depend on two factors: 1) can I afford a new car/Jeep? 2) is my son/daughter a responsible person?
  20. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    There’s an old saying “pics or it didn’t happen” :):LOL::jk: