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  1. Caulked the Fender Gaps

    Learn something new everyday. Keep us posted on how it holds up a year from now.
  2. 4xe Oil Change

    For some unknown reason, it will reset to zero at the 100 hour mark. Definitely agree with your last statement.
  3. Warning about purchasing from Diode Dynamic's retailers

    Impressed with DD's response to this. Just as impressive as the light output of the Max fogs.
  4. Something similar to the Mopar’s Performance Rock Rails?

    Nice choice! Just installed a set last month and I'm happier everyday with them. Best of luck with the rest of the mods.
  5. Sliders or Steps

    Great looking Jeep! Too bad Ace jacked up the price on those.
  6. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    I have the M.O.R.E. pedal. Love it!
  7. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    Inflation stinks, but I understand your reasoning! That said, it would have been cool if you guys threw in free shipping with this holiday discount to lessen the blow caused by the price increase. Nice T-Shirt though.
  8. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    The only way the 392 becomes an investment is if Jeep stops making them sooner rather than later.
  9. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    Unimpressed. They should have copied Aldo's Sahara. Looks cooler.
  10. Gorilla glass replacement?

    My windshield was replaced recently and despite numerous requests for Gorilla Glass, even if I had to pay extra, both the dealer service department and Safelite advised they couldn't get their hands on GG for Jeep's with ACC/Safety features. Maybe when supply chains catch up in 2030 this won't...
  11. Gorilla Glass Price Increased

    Something to keep in mind if you get ACC/Safety features and Gorilla Glass. WHEN a rocks cracks it and you need a replacement, good luck finding one. My windshield was replaced recently and despite numerous requests for Gorilla Glass, even if I had to pay extra, both the dealer service...
  12. LOD Destroyer Rock Sliders 4xe Review

    I was looking at ACE too, they're a great option. Just checked their website, what a price increase!
  13. LOD Destroyer Rock Sliders 4xe Review

    I'll keep this review short. Picked up a set of LOD Destroyer Rock Sliders during their recent sale after confirming with LOD that they were 4xe compatible. Pros: Quality construction. Welds were nicely done and nothing needed to be sanded down. Black powder coat is even and matches the rest...
  14. CR attempts to understand the Jeep thing

    CR isn't what it used to be. I paid for a subscription last year and found their reviews, in most product categories, to be limited and/or out of date.