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  1. Hardwire radar detector using mirrortap?

    If you have a Rubicon with the aux power switches it's pretty straight forward. There is a bundle of wires underneath the passenger side dash/well wrapped up in black fabric tape. I connected to there and ran the cable along the window and trim without even needing to remove and trim, and the...
  2. Does your Jeep have an Instagram? Share it here!

    Jeep and some other things (motorcyles, bicycles, dogs)
  3. New Bronco has Hard Top Issues

    The only people saying that are the marketing team at Ford. No point in listening to any of that noise. Vehicles at similar price points will almost always have an equal set of trade offs that will attract some people and turn away others.
  4. Best music for Jeep Cruisin'?

    Used to be a big Rush fan, but since I got a white Jeep all I can listen to is Madonna now. It's really weird.
  5. Does Your Dealer Top Off your DEF?

    Great to know! Thanks all!
  6. Just a quick vent. I need to vent.

    "At least the chevy dealership goes above and beyond..." That's the sentence that made it sound like you were focused more on brand than on dealer. The dealer sounds really crappy thought. I agree with that.
  7. Tents

    My current tent is a Nemo and I don't have this problem. Great tent IMO.
  8. Purchases for my first Wrangler JLU

    Quadratec is great as far as a retailer goes. I don't know that I've never used any of their branded products so I can't speak to them personally but I've never heard anything bad.
  9. Nevada Mopar Rubicon Rock Rails - A Few Weeks Old

    These are non-step type that come stock on the Rubicon.
  10. Jeep Announces New Sunrider Flip Top for Hardtop; Innovative Feature Available Now on Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Models

    I would enjoy the sunrider flip top but it appears it would not play all that well with a Gobi roof rack which I'm planning for some day...
  11. Nevada Mopar Rubicon Rock Rails - A Few Weeks Old

    Dropping the price to $150 after just scanning the other posts on the forum. There are for a 4 door/unlimited.
  12. Westin Triple Tube Rock Rails

    Just want to report that there was squeaking noise like others have reported. Not sure what that was all about for them. Hopefully it stays that way.
  13. Introducing Snow Dog - 2021 JLURD

    Added some Westin Snyper Triple Tube Rock Rails/Sliders and I figure these are picture worthy. Solid construction and frame mounted so overall I'm pretty happy. I don't love the U-Bolt fastener in the front, but I see why they went that route. I don't have the squeaking issues others have...
  14. Does Your Dealer Top Off your DEF?

    I thought I had read that the dealer will top off the DEF during an oil change but I can't find it anywhere. Curious if they do this. When I received my Jeep new it was at 75% full but I was planning (and did) a break in oil change and was thinking they'd top it off then but they didn't. Just...
  15. talk to me about tinting

    I live in Vegas which is super hot and sunny so I got ceramic tinting all the way around except for the windshield. I kept within the state legal tinting laws for CA since I often travel there. We don't have to keep a front license plate either in NV so I expect I could draw attention from CA...
  16. Westin Triple Tube Rock Rails

    Thanks for the idea and google search inspiration. I found these: Should do the trick. Hopefully I can install without removing the Westin rails. We’ll see.
  17. Toyo AT III vs BFG KO2

    I agree with your views on the BFG, but I did like my TOYO (had RT) even on wet roads. What do you run?
  18. If you were going to buy a sporty car for your wife?

    To my surprise, after having a really bad time with a BMW, when researching consumer reports, I learned that Porsche is actually one of the most reliable brands in the category. I'd go Porsche.
  19. Westin Triple Tube Rock Rails

    Nice job on the pinch seems. The OCD in me makes me a little sad about mine... Still, pretty cool rails and not a terribly difficult install once I learned I didn't really need to undo that body/frame bolt.