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  1. Georgia 2019 JLU Sahara Wheels and Bridgestone Dueler ATs

    I don't, Im sorry. I need to mark them as sold.
  2. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    also, visit there is a ton of information on that site.
  3. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    I would try to buy Rubi take-offs. If your "more aggressive look" includes the wheels/tires sticking out a bit, the stock wheels wont do it. Mine where -6mm offset (OEM wheels are +44mm offset) and mine stick out about 3 inches, which isnt as much as it sounds. My tires in the pic are 315 70...
  4. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    BFGs 315 70 17 on stock suspension. Id bite the bullet and get some 17" wheels with the right offset/backspacing to give you the look you want.
  5. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    Got it all installed today, I just cant get all of the spacing inside the dash to work out. With the Sirius XM tuner and the video module, plus that huge OEM connector, it is all fat. I got the top two screws in but am off with the bottom two, gonna play with it tomorrow. Everything works...
  6. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    Is the OEM antenna plugged directly into the OEM screen? So all you would do is unplug the antenna from your OEM unit and then plug it into the tuner? I built/plugged in everything tonight and I am going to disassemble and put in Saturday
  7. The original Sahara

    When I was growing up, the Sahara was all the rage. I remember as a teenager that the Sahara was the pinnacle and if you had one, it symbolized that you made it. (Crazy and stupid thoughts from a teenager). Ironically, went I went on my Jeep hunt earlier this year (for the 2nd time) I was able...
  8. High Tuck Exhaust opinions, please

    How do we get the forum discount?
  9. Georgia Sold: 2019 JLU Sahara Wheels and Bridgestone Dueler ATs

    I have 5 tires and wheels for sale. 4 have 5300 miles, 1 has zero. 255 70 18s Sahara OEM wheels, 18 X 7.5 $700
  10. Totalled my Jeep - starting fresh need tire recommendations (no lift!)

    315 70 17s (34.5") on stock Sahara. My wheels are -6mm offset, no rubbing. Havent done any articulation yet, but street driving, curbs, speed bumps, etc. no problems
  11. Build Help!! 2019 Sahara 3.6 V6 2” Mopar Lift and 35” KO2 Tires?

    I just put KO2s on My sahara (2019). These are 315 70 17s on stock suspension...Wheels are 17 X 8.5 -6mm offset. Hopefully going to lift it 2" in the next month or so...
  12. 35” KO2 for my JLU Sahara

    A couple of things: 1. The spare tire does rub a little bit. Im researching what I should do... bracket relocation vs hinge reinforcement. 2. The tire sticks out a solid 3+ inches outside the fender well. 3. My wheels are 17 X 8.5 Fuel Anza's with -6mm offset 4. Tires are BFG KO2s 315 70 17s...
  13. 35” KO2 for my JLU Sahara

    No rubbing issues so far. I do have after market wheels with -6mm offset...
  14. 35” KO2 for my JLU Sahara

    Ill get some pics tomorrow and post
  15. 35” KO2 for my JLU Sahara

    Correct. That is stock Sahara suspension
  16. Tire Relocation Bracket

    I just had KO2 315s put on my 2019 JLU Sahara today. I have a slight rub with the spare on the bumper. Need advice on a good relocation bracket. I really dont want it to lift it much, just enough to clear comfortably. Also, what is the weight limit for the OEM spare tire mount and hinges? I may...
  17. 35” KO2 for my JLU Sahara

    Just put KO2s on my JLU Sahara today. They are 315 70 17s, which officially list at 34.4". I think the KO2 35 12.5 17 lists at 34.6" or something close. So not exact, but very close...If you want more pics (like from the front, back, etc.) let me know.