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  1. California JLUR 4 Door Rock Rails

    Selling 4 door rock rails, hardware included. They are 2020 and have only been used for 500 miles (about a month), have been in storage since. Looking for $50, local pick up. I reside in the Long Beach area.
  2. Front license plate with steel bumpers?

    This guy must sell front license plate holders for a living...
  3. Only California Dealer worth working with!

    Bringing this back up to add another thumbs up for Rob. The entire process was very easy and there was no pressure. Placed my order late January, was given vechile price then and it arrived a few days ago with said price. Even the process with finance was smooth, extras were not pushed hard on...
  4. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Got my 2020 JLUR yesterday. I ordered it late January and it arrived a few days ago. Rob Trachtman from Coastline Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Southern California was amazing and made the whole process very smooth. Him and his staff made sure everything at the dealership was cleaned and wipe, felt...
  5. Should we expect major incentives b/c of Corona

    I ordered my vehicle back in late January and it finished being built, but has been sitting somewhere with the delivery date getting pushed back more and more. I've honestly been thinking about whether I want to take on a new vehicle loan, given how things might be. However, if Jeep does decide...
  6. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Don't have my JLUR just yet, but I took my kid to a painting shop where we get to color any model they have in there. I think I nailed a perfect replica
  7. Heavy Duty Rock Sliders for JLUR not listed in order guide

    I never even knew there was a Jeep credit card :LOL: As you noted, the only reason I was interested in these was for the step assist. In all likelihood, I'll probably buy some after market ones instead, since there are other options out there. Curious though, where does someone sell parts they...
  8. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    What's a good dash cam to get? I ordered in a JLUR (with AUX switches if that is even needed) and I definitely want to get one as my first mod.
  9. Protecting and caring for your Jeep advice

    Thanks everyone for the advice so far. So definitely looks like I should add Turtle Wax Ice onto my shopping list. How often should this be applied? One person mentioned after every wash but that seems excessive, although I've never used the stuff.
  10. Protecting and caring for your Jeep advice

    So after a ton of research, I finally put in my custom order for a JLUR with a 3.6L engine and sky-one power touch. This will be the first jeep I have ever owned and plan to keep it for a long time. Aside from the general maintenance of a vehicle (oil changes, air filters, tire rotations...
  11. Heavy Duty Rock Sliders for JLUR not listed in order guide

    I'm going through the 2020 January order guide and I don't see the option of adding Heavy Duty Rock Sliders to the JLUR. I could have sworn I have seen people post on here of having these added to their Rubicon (stock). I'm getting the 3.6 engine thus a Recon order is not an option (the Recon...
  12. Lifetime Powertrain Warranty questions

    Yup this looks like what it is. The dealership offers a lifetime powertrain warranty. I read the conditions and you don't have to bring in to their dealership for maintenance in order to keep it valid. They require a record of regular maintenance per the owner manual being done.
  13. Lifetime Powertrain Warranty questions

    I stopped by the dealership yesterday and I was told that both the 3.6 and 2.0 engines come with a lifetime powertrain warranty. This is the first I had ever heard of this and trying to find actual information on it (that looks factual) has not been easy. Is what the dealership said true...
  14. Join Tread Lightly Before Ordering

    Ah that's unfortunate to hear, must be the code entry on their system that checks this.
  15. Join Tread Lightly Before Ordering

    I joined Tread Lightly on the 11th of January and was able to get my control number today, short of the 30 day period (24 days I think). I did not try to do it sooner but figured I would give it try since I am about to place in an order. It might be worth trying to see if you can get a control...
  16. What is the height of a stock JLUR?

    That's what I plan to do if a I can't get a definite answer here. But trying here to save myself a trip and/or having to carry my measuring tap :LOL:
  17. What is the height of a stock JLUR?

    Basically title, I've tried searching but can't find an answer. The Jeep site has all trims at the same height, which can't be right given that the Rubicon has bigger tires and is lifted higher. This is more so concern over my parking area, where it has limited clearance.
  18. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    Oh don't worry, I am well aware of the other aspect of all this in the "not getting stuck or going through uncharted lands" opposite side of things and I do appreciate the information in that regard. One of the top reasons I am even considering Sahara is what you stated, it's a smoother ride on...
  19. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    This is why I love this community. I didnt even know that was an option on the Rubicon. It definitely makes me more towards it now. Plus being able to add 35"s without having to lift was very appealing. Yea I'm definitely going to be sinking way deep in this :CWL: Might need a step ladder for...
  20. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    Wow this thread really blew up. I want to thank everyone for the input they have given, as it has given me a better view and ideas of what each model has to offer. I still haven't decided on which I will pick but will be looking and test driving the Jeeps this Monday to get a much better feel of...