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  1. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Looks like the leather Rubicon interior to me.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    The bottom of my OB 2 door did the same thing. Passenger side also... 3year/36k warranty covered the repair . The dealer said it was because they didn't get enough seam sealer in that bottom edge of the door. Had to have the door repainted. Good luck with your warranty claim! Mine went...
  3. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    Looks good! Almost like a stock CJ7 on 33s.
  4. Uconnect will not display favorites even though starred favorites are currently on air.

    Yep, it's a known issue. Supposedly UConnect is coming out with an update to fix it but we're still waiting. Mine hasn't worked correctly since November.
  5. 2 Door Window Storage Technique

    @OldGuyNewJeep does a good job of explaining how to fit the bag in a 2 door here: I used his technique and it worked very well for me!
  6. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    Finally got the OTA update but didn't fix it for me. It will work for longer sometimes, up to 45 minutes or so but it hasn't worked like it's supposed to since November 6th.
  7. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Just ordered these as a safety net also. Thanks for posting the part numbers. What do you use the 3/8" x 3" extension for?
  8. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Along these lines, ask him if he'd fly in an airplane made by Land Rover.

    Selec-Trac is standard on the 4xe Saharas and Rock-trac is standard on the 4xe Rubicons. On the build page, if you select the Standard Features, then expand the Mechanical Features the full time 4wd systems are listed as the transfer cases.
  10. Does 7 inch uconnect radio alert you to favorite artists and songs?

    FYI - The favorites feature doesn't seem to be working for anyone right now. Hasn't for me since early November.
  11. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    I was wondering the same thing. It started for me last Friday morning (Nov. 6th). I've also noticed it works for the first 5 to 10 minutes after starting the Jeep then the list will disappear even when a favorites list song is playing.
  12. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    Anyone ever find a solution to this? My 2019 JL with 8.4 UConnect starting the exact same issues today. Everything else works fine, just the favorites list is always empty and the alert only lasts for a couple of seconds. Thanks
  13. EZTrunk looks interesting

    It looked that way to me also. Please keep us updated on your thoughts about the EZTrunk.
  14. EZTrunk looks interesting

    When EZTrunk lays flat, do you know if the seat has to be folded up on a 2 door?
  15. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    As I understand it, he had some issues with USPS losing shipments in May/June. I placed an order in late May and still hadn't received it in early July so I contacted him. He was apologetic and sent a replacement order out quickly.
  16. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Check out @tatarin 's MOAB build (specs are in this signature). Sounds just like what you want to do.
  17. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Where did you get those mirrors? How's your experience been with them so far?

    Hello All and Thanks for your service! Active Navy 1987 - 1994 AX2 and AT2 (rating merger) Avionics Tech on SH-60B Seahawk in HSL-47 & HSL-45, NAS North Island CA and Nebraska National Guard 2002-2003 67T2F Blackhawk Crew Chief in 24th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), Lincoln NE
  19. Has anyone with leather interior tried to change the stitching color?

    Does the Sahara have white stitching? If so, maybe just get the parts you need (steering wheel, shifter boot, transfer case boot, etc.) and swap them out?