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  1. article on the 4xe... thoughts?

    The 4xe has gotten some bad reviews (Car and Driver) with bad mileage (by those who don’t plug in) and the complexity being two of them. I think the simple answer is that you wait a few years before buying a car like this from Chrysler/Fiat/Peugeot, not three of the stars in producing reliable...
  2. No more red rubi dash?

    I like my red dash. It looks good with sting gray and other red highlighting on the Rubicon, and adds a little jazz. Not sure it would look good with gecko green or some other colors, especially with the paint very visible on interior pieces next to the dash. I don’t know but would guess that...
  3. Stupid jeep girl question- windows

    No such thing as a stupid question. I mean you got 27 (on my phone) pages of responses.
  4. Foolish salesperson

    at Sadly, this is probably right. I mentioned death wobble to service people once and they were clueless. I test drove a Rubicon once and when it sort of got stuck in 4 wheel low, the salesman had no idea what to do. Too bad that people that sell the cars don’t share the knowledge and...
  5. What the h*ck does this dial do??

    I totally agree. I could never tell what the left dial did in my Sport because the lighting was so dim. With my Rubicon, the lighting was better and I could see it work. Not sure why this type of thing should be different between models but it is. All of the other interior lights in the Sport...
  6. I think I purchased too much Jeep?

    There is a dark colored, non-red, Rubicon dash panel that comes with the tan seats. I’d guess it would be difficult to get that as a replacement part but maybe not. Whatever, it exists. The Sahara has some dark leather dash options but same comment. I personally like the red dash and trim...
  7. Dang! No more Crystal Granite Metallic :-(

    Due to lack of options, my latest Wrangler is sting grey. I was underwhelmed at first but now think it is the 2nd best dark color out there. It has a greenish tinge which is quite striking and changes its look in different types of light. My favorite is sarge green which despite my wife’s...
  8. If there’s a sexier JL belly out there I haven't seen it

    I ‘m sure you have great friends but you might want to find some other buddies who live in your world.
  9. Foolish salesperson

    I had a service guy, not a salesperson, tell me he had never heard of the “death wobble.” Another had never heard of the service bulletin requiring replacement of bad steering parts. I am looking forward to stories of interaction between salespeople, and Lexus and MB owners who come in to see...
  10. My Stock Sahara can do this, can Rubicons?

    Could be wrong but it looks like sting grey which has become my favorite. Has some green in it which makes for an interesting color.
  11. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    Since we’ve revived this thread, I’m curious if anyone can comment on whether the 6 speed in the JLR is “better” than the non-Rubicons. I can easily attest that the 6 speed in the JL non-Rubicons is better than the JKs.
  12. Does your jeep do THIS in park?

    It was determined by my dealer (and he’s right) that the A/C comes on when the vent fan is 4 or higher but not 1, 2 or 3. They, of course, could not figure it out or fix it. I haven’t bothered with it since. It rarely is in an issue but is a pain when it happens since I like the vent fan at...
  13. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    Hey you’re right. It does show up as option on the 2 door. Sorry, I only search 4 doors. But now, I don’t see how you get manual windows.
  14. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    Try to find the bottom basement Wrangler on a dealer lot. I recall that you can’t even plug in the no A/C option on the Build Your Wrangler section of the Jeep website. However, living in Phoenix, no A/C is something not thought of under any circumstances. Headlights would be left off first.
  15. Ride Comfort - Sahara vs Rubicon

    if you are going to do the type of off roading that requires turning off the sway bar, locking the differentials and a beefier suspension, get the Rubicon. The rougher ride is the price you pay for this. If not, the Sahara is not exactly the poor cousin of off roading itself and might serve...
  16. Front camera option worth it?

    I don’t have this but from what you’ve seen here, the camera is mounted on the grill and points downward. I would get the Jeep option so the picture comes through the dash screen, although only if you have the 8”. Below that, it may be too small as are some of the aftermarkets, although I have...
  17. Picking up JL Rubicon tomorrow- What can I expect?

    So maybe I should have stayed manual. We go into the mountains a lot from low altitude Arizona. With the 6 speed I had in the JL Sport, it was living hell going uphill or passing cars. I would have to downshift two gears for any power and it still wasn’t like what I get now with the...
  18. Picking up JL Rubicon tomorrow- What can I expect?

    As many have said, it drives better but mine, which has not yet gotten the replacement steering parts, still wanders all over the road. You had better have the better steering with a ‘21. Better fit and finish and has some nice options. The 8 speed is quite good. I gave up a manual (see my...
  19. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    I think that next redesign may come sooner that the normal 8-10 year cycle. My cousin has a VERY old Isuzu Trooper. The back seats fold flat in that. I can happily do manual but is being able to shift into 4 wheel low electronically too much to ask?
  20. Top 10 things Jeep should have done WITHOUT.

    Agree with A/C point, living in Phoenix plus ESS doesn’t do any good unless the engine is off for 20-30 seconds or more. It kills batteries. Even with two batteries, the main battery in my last Wrangler didn’t last long. Turning A/C on and off is more of a strain. As said above, turn it off.