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  1. California Rubicon Rock Rails For Sale SoCal

    New Jeep owner? Just got that new Sport or perhaps a Sahara and looking to put on a little better protection? Your friends or club goes out and your too intimidated because you have zero protection? Perhaps you had Rubi rails already and straight up busted them from all that hard core rock...
  2. California Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket, new

    edit: 60. and ill get it today.
  3. California Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket, new

    Still available? A couple weeks old but not marked as sold. thanks.
  4. California FS Rough Country MLC-6 Controller

    Heres pics of the stud and the hole in the circuit board where the stud went. My original post says the studs are held on with a nit on the back but that is t the case. Its been awhile so i forgot, my attempted fix was to put a nut on on the back side to hold it to the board but with the stud...
  5. California FS Rough Country MLC-6 Controller

    They actually did replace it, sent me out a new one. I just tightened the nut down too hard apparently on the stud when installing the positive cable. The stud would need to be replaced
  6. California FS Rough Country MLC-6 Controller

    Because I never wanted to bother and try and fix it. They sent me a repalcemenr.
  7. California Sold: FS Rough Country MLC-6 Controller

    I have the Rough Country MLC-6 controller for sale. This isnt for the top dash mount, it replaces the cubby where the aux swirches would go I got this one, broke the positive stud off. I still have the stud if someone is handy enough to attach it back on. The studs are also held on with a nut...
  8. Tailgate Bar for Tonneau Covers?

    wll its too late now i already have the JL clips on there
  9. Tailgate Bar for Tonneau Covers?

    fantastic! nice work. I still had my jk stuff and i tried the bar and clips on the jl and wouldnt seem to work with it. guess i didnt try hard enough lol
  10. California Artec Industries dual light mount

    When i was looking at mounts, I recall that I noticed the cubes had to be installed straight, correct? They can swivel at all?
  11. Tailgate Bar for Tonneau Covers?

    As u can see, theres the gaps in tue bar and the JL clips. Once on tho, its very tight. Also, not sure if your supposed to get hardware to attach clips to the tub, but the bolts that hold your hard top on to the tub works perfectly, maybe thats the point, idk..
  12. Tailgate Bar for Tonneau Covers?

    i mean..yes. lol. its loose when u put the bar into the clips, but once the cover is on and attached its tight. obviously wont be a perfect fit but it does work fine. id rather wouldve gotten a JL bar bit for 3 times the price, for this tonneau cover thing, i did the work around.
  13. Tailgate Bar for Tonneau Covers?

    @geem03 @T-Rock_Sahara @brewtus98 @404ova808 Theres a thread somewhere that the guy used a smitty JK bar with what I remember to be the ramapge tonneau. I have the rampage tonneau and biught the JL retainer clips from quadratec and got a smitty jk bar. This does work as I have it on twice now...
  14. JL Bikini Tops?

    I was coming on here to say I just received the Rampage tonneau and I’d does not come with everything like I was told by Rampage. Your post gives me hope now so thank you. I have seen the tailgate bar corners on Quadratec but wasn’t sure they would work with a Smittybilt JK bar. I got a JL...
  15. DV8 Offroad JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Never will I anything from DV8 again. Not cuz of these pics but cuz i bought their compressor mount.
  16. For those who have taken apart their dash...

    I believe they are little blue plstic clips if yoy are talking about the full length top dash piece. I took mine off when attempting to wrap my silver pieces. At least 2 clips fell behind, maybe 3 I forget. Itll be fine. Mine doesnt rattle like its loose or anything, still pretty snug. Replace...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed grille inserts last night and tinted the fender lights.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I took ONE fender light out this evening. Going to tint them tomorrow. Wow what a pain. Now that I know whats up, tomorrow’s takes off of the other one should be quicker.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Shit. That’s a good idea.