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  1. Roof Top Tent Arrives For My 2 Door!

    ahhh ok i get it. One thing to consider. I did put in a 1"3/4 foam pad to make sleeping a bit more comfortable. that pad plus sleepjng bag and pillows gets a little tight and requires more work to close the tent. If you didn't have a pad, yes you could put your soft top parts in there without an...
  2. Roof Top Tent Arrives For My 2 Door!

    If I understand your question. Yes you can leave sleeping bags and pillows in the tent and close it just fine. Is that what you are asking? QUOTE="SH556JL, post: 1593647, member: 64213"] I am looking to order this rack and eventually this same roof top tent. Can you put the back and sides of...
  3. Help with wiring AEV LED lights

    It’s the Mopar brush bar on steel rubicon bumper. Very hard to show wiring. Everything is tapped up and tucked away. QUOTE="392Newbie, post: 1507093, member: 62360"] Which brand grill guard are they mounted to? Can you post picture of the wiring inside the hood?
  4. what antenna is this?

    Yea I think you’re right
  5. what antenna is this?

    That’s a lot of work for marginal cell signal improvement. Looks like he drilled through the roof to mount it. Maybe it works for his needs.
  6. what antenna is this?

    I saw it on a truck. Looks pretty serious. What kind of radio is this for?
  7. JLU (4DR) Vector Offroad's Rear JLU Interior GGB Cargo Basket

    Scratch that. I see it now. Thanks!!!
  8. JLU (4DR) Vector Offroad's Rear JLU Interior GGB Cargo Basket

    The link is for the JK. Do you make one for a 2 door JL? Thanks
  9. JLU (4DR) Vector Offroad's Rear JLU Interior GGB Cargo Basket

    Hi there. Is the 2 door version ready to purchase? I don’t see it on your website. Thanks!
  10. 18- 20% over GVR. What would you do?

    ha ha. i know right?!
  11. 18- 20% over GVR. What would you do?

    laughs. yes I weighed it at a truck scale with me in it and it came to 5,340 lbs. then add 860 lbs (200 lbs is another person so think 660 lbs of all my stuff including 150 for the tent). when you add all your stuff it gets heavy. I could shave 50 lbs maybe....
  12. 18- 20% over GVR. What would you do?

    the jeep weighs 4,160 lbs the GVW is 5,250 lbs (basically the max payload on top of the weight of the jeep) I'm at 6,200 lbs or 18% above GVW I understand the issue with insurance which has ben raised before. My question is should I reinforce my driveline in some way being 18% over GVW?
  13. 18- 20% over GVR. What would you do?

    I have a 2 door rubicon that i've outfitted for overlanding. lift, winch, skids, roof top tent, etc....2 people, plus all my gear for a few days. I'm running Metalcloak Game Changer 3.5" lift (upgraded front drive shaft) with 35" tires. Stock gearing. the Gross Vehicle Weight is 5,250 lbs...
  14. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I'm just starting to think about upgrading my stock Rubicon axels to something like the Dana 44 AdvanTek or Dynatrack Prorock 44. I wonder if these axels have a similar problem with the sensor or is this just with the stock units?
  15. Introducing Pandaemic! My 2020 JLUR

    love the white wheels. great choice and overall build. congrats. also interested in your next move on beefing up the axels.
  16. Reinstalling tail ends of steel front number- argh!

    I have the upgraded steel bumper on my rubicon and am having a hard time putting the ends of the bumper back on. Anyone have this issue?
  17. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Installed these LED lights over the weekend. It took longer than I thought it would after seeing the video about tying into the reverse wire in the tow hitch. I’m happy with the result but honestly Oracle should fix the issue of the left drivers light not fitting I’d be embarrassed to ship a...
  18. New Year, new cabin air filter!

    After 6,800 miles I changed my cabin air filter- found behind the glove box - easy to get to and replace. It was pretty gross. See Mopar part number.
  19. The no-drilling 10 second way to get through JL firewall to run electrical wire

    Remove from under the hood. Yes it’s tricky. Maybe use vice grips to grab it and rotate. Should not be too hard to turn it. Nothing really holding it tight.
  20. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    I'm running the 3.5" Metalcloak Game Changer with ADS shocks on my 2 door Rubicon. I really like it and would buy it again. Fit and finish of the lift is excellent. I was sold by their joints and how they articulate off road. Have been very happy with the off road and on road performance.