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  1. 2018 JLU Sport S

    2018 JLU Sport S

  2. Ohio SOLD

    What part of Cincy? I'm north in West Chester area...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a TYT TH-9800 quad band HAM Radio and a Rubicon take-off suspension.
  4. Chrome parts?

    it is really simple man, show me where I ask if you like chrome parts on a Jeep or not? You can’t, you know why? Because I don’t care. Either contribute to the question asked or move on. So effing simple my kids could do it. Try hard and you can too.
  5. Chrome parts?

    I get it. I’ll get responses and I’m free to respond. I’m not the snowflake who’s butt hurt because someone wants to put chrome in their Jeep. You also don’t see me bashing every yahoo “murdering out” their Jeep. To each his own. Like I said though, don’t be surprised if I call you out for...
  6. Chrome parts?

    Except you know, it’s not. Lol. You guys act like your opinion matters. It was a simple question that some of you obviously can’t handle. For those who have given suggestions thank you!
  7. Chrome parts?

  8. Chrome parts?

    I’m light as f**k amigo. I just don’t care what you think. I’m perfectly comfortable with my choices. If you want to criticize someone’s choices, okay. Just don’t be surprised when they tell you to eff off, with a smile :)
  9. Chrome parts?

    Or if you stopped being a dick.
  10. Chrome parts?

    The operator and their experience is #1 determining factor for this. An idiot with upgrades is still an idiot.
  11. Chrome parts?

    It may come down to this. Thanks for the idea.
  12. Chrome parts?

    The more I am thinking about it I may do the whole thing. I’ve decided that wheels/bumpers/sidesteps will be polished at least. I live the idea of the roll bar on a JL being chrome too. Might be a bit of a stretch right now but it’s got me thinking.
  13. Chrome parts?

    Well I did ask for sources for chrome wrangler parts and you delivered. maybe I can give this a try too? :)
  14. Chrome parts?

    I noticed the black ones too this morning in an email which made post this today. On just about every other color black looks awesome but in this Ocean Blue Metallic either chrome or some metal color is required.
  15. Chrome parts?

    Not entirely a bad idea!!! Actually it may give me some flexibility in kicking stuff up.
  16. Chrome parts?

    Couple examples for those who have no clue...
  17. Chrome parts?

    I’m not old but I love the look. Hopefully there will be some decent options soon.
  18. Chrome parts?

    This seems like the only viable route right now.
  19. Chrome parts?

    So I’ve been waiting for about a year now for JL chrome parts to become more available but I’m still not seeing much. Anyone have a line on chrome tube bumpers and side steps?
  20. Looking for freedom panels

    I am piecing together a hard top and need some freedoms panels. I’m located in SW Ohio. Also looking for rear glass including hinged glass.