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  1. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Here's a few more pics of my 2020 Recon from summer camping and exploration in Washington state. I've changed up the tires/wheels and done a couple other mods including fridge slide on my custom base and a 5lb propane tank mount from AT Overland. Next up I need to get a lift and I'm going to...
  2. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    What's the difference in doing that when its new vs. when its failed? Does it only work if the sensor is working?
  3. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    I just had my rear axle replaced for this (16k miles). It didn't take the dealership long to confirm the problem with Jeep. The axle only took 2-3 weeks to come in and I drove the Jeep in the meantime. The appt to install had to be delayed a couple weeks due to a COVID outbreak at the...
  4. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    New MR704 wheels on 315/70r17 tires (Cooper STT Pros). I have the Rubicon Recon model and it came with the Mopar tailgate reinforcer hinge and oversize tire mount. No lift on this yet. I did have to get larger rubber stops on the tail gate.
  5. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Just did a couple thousand miles in my Recon for 4th of July week. The Jeep did great! From Washington to Southeast Utah (family visit, no time for Moab trails sadly), Valley of the Gods, Arizona's Tonto forest, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. It was so much fun.
  6. GAIA GPS finally in beta for android auto!

    I've been on the beta and was surprised to see it in Android Auto in my Jeep today. I hope to see more features, but am glad to see progress.
  7. JL Gorilla Glass Windshield Now Available (Via Hyperformance windshield by HGP)

    Is it the standard factory warranty or the glass protection warranty that covered it? I skipped the glass protection when I bought my vehicle last August but opted for extended warranty. My glass just cracked from the base without a visible chip.
  8. P0607 code brand new JL

    I'm just over 5k now and the issue has never happened again. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  9. Genius Battery Charger mount & Inlet install. Lots of pics!

    Just found this thread after listening to this podcast with some Jeep guys interviewing a guy from Optima batteries. It was an interesting discussion on battery health: Northwest Jeepcast: Power Up With Optima Batteries (
  10. P0607 code brand new JL

    2300 miles on my 2020 JLUR with 2.0T and the CEL came on today. I already had a Obd2 scanner and plugged it in. It came back with this code. After reading this chat thread I pushed all the fuses and relays down. There may have been a couple that had a little room to go down. I cleared the code...
  11. Smittybilt Gen2 X20 Comp 12K with Factory Steel Bumper?

    I looked at them as well but ended up going with the Warn winch plate and getting the Warn hook stay. The only issue was the bolts for the Smittybilt fairlead were a bit short. But that's an easy fix at my local hardware store. Here's the pics.
  12. Smittybilt Gen2 X20 Comp 12K with Factory Steel Bumper?

    Just spent a day trying to get the X20 Comp 12K winch installed on the Mopar winch plate. I had asked for the Mopar winch plate from the dealer to close the sale on my 2020 JLU Rubicon. It already had the steel bumpers. However, the Mopar winch plate is not the right size for the X20. The hole...
  13. Pacific Crest Overland Route - OR camping suggestions

    For WA, check out the WA Backcountry Discover Route:
  14. Jeep shops recommendations in the Seattle area

    I also recommend Auburn Offroad and Car Repair. John Matthews is a good guy and races jeeps offroad as well. They did a lot of work on my TJ and will likely be doing work on my JLUR when I'm ready for it.