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  1. Quake LED Halo Review

    how do you even adjust these after you get them installed? the JL adjustment screw is on the factory headlight itself
  2. Morimoto 7" headlight adapter first look and install + Super7 Bi-LED

    How did you adjust headlight height and rotation? I have the morimoto brackets, but have custom HID projectors
  3. Why Amber Lights?

    You can buy an amber film and put it over almost like tinting windows.
  4. Skyjacker 3.5-4 inch lift kit

    i like the bigger gap u have with the flat fenders which is probably another 1 inch of gap. My 35s fit on my jk before a lift, but it looked better with a 3.5 inch lift and flat fenders
  5. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    Looks like your blinding everyone get projectors for HIDs or take them out
  6. Amazon 7" adapter looks promising

    might not ever happen, 7's are shared by wranglers, broncos, mustangs and harleys. Its easy to sell a lot. No one else is using 9 inch round headlights
  7. Load range e2? Ko2 - any advice would be appreciated!

    I had E rated Falkens and then C rated Falkens in my JK. Id never go back to an E rated tire If I can avoid it. there is a huge on road quality difference IMO
  8. Skyjacker 3.5-4 inch lift kit

    Im coming from a JKU... JL rubi owners need to realize they sit 1 inch higher fender clearance. Id argue my JK sport stock fenders had more clearance than my JL sport does. I dont think a 2.5 inch lift is enought for sports, I really think they need 3-3.5 inches with 35's to look appropriate
  9. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    tons of JLs and JKs out there. They cost so much people arent scooping them up anymore. my JK sport in 2014 was 10K less than my JLU sport
  10. Lift. Am I getting screwed?

    Your paying dealer showroom floor pricing for that... like the sport rigs they put a mopar lift, beadlocks, 35s and painted 20 in rims and sell for 10 K over MSRP prices. run away. you can get the mopar lift installed for way cheaper at the dealership. Tires are like 2k with new rims on...
  11. Rig vs build vs you added an antenna

    Just dont call it a car and no one will care. People call them Jeeps, Rigs or even trucks sometimes.
  12. With Mopar Lifetime Max Care no longer available, what alternative did you go with? (Received 12/1+)

    the jeep frame will rust out at some point, I dont see the point in extended warranties, especially if you lift and go up in tires they will try to void the extended warranties anyway
  13. MOAB...I just don't understand

    its not but people feel like they need to defend their choice of getting a sahara over a rubicon. Probably because Rubi owners call them out. Hey I only have a sport cause I cant afford a Rubi, I dont see the point in a sahara at all but some people really like the way the look and its their cash
  14. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    I've camped my entire life. Its much easier to put down a ground tarp, pitch a quick tent and have a small cot then climbing up ontop of my jeep ever would be... but hey many different strokes for different folks I guess.
  15. Manual vs Automatic for first Wrangler

    If I was rock crawling alot... and I mean like at least Once a month... and actually climbing rocks, Id get the Auto. But I've never bought an auto vehicle and probably never will
  16. Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s?

    Death wobble = bad, really bad needs corrected floaty on the highway...every jeep I've owned
  17. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    There has been a steady decrease in the knowledge of the wave with each model of Wrangler. With the JK's we joked the soccer moms would never waive at us. Its spread with release of the JL.
  18. Anyone color match Mojito dash or accessories?

    the color match dashes are fire. Im just not pulling all that apart. Too many memories of installing stereos to haunt me