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  1. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Ayeeee!! I've had mine for 2 years now. Actually about to put it up forsale, I'm ordering a Gladiator. Still haven't decided on what color for the truck yet. I'm gonna miss Bikini!
  2. Tennessee Delete

    Price on just Rubi fenders? I'll be in Gatlinburg area all next week.
  3. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    haha just watched Bleepin Jeeps video of Moab Rim and they had a YJ with them that looked about how I'd far, smacking the rear bumper and scraping a good bit but that sand hill section looks like a blast! Im down to meet up, ride and shoot pictures/video any time. But this will be my first...
  4. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    Haha awesome. Yeah I do have a winch, forgot about it. Thanks for the confidence boost. Last time I was in Moab I was in this... I mean it had a 3.6 in it... Ha. So I'll be able to actually do some stuff this time haha.
  5. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    Manual 3.6 Sport S Tan top and interior is the real unicorn.
  6. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    So according to RR4W trail ratings, im not qualified for anything over a 4. but i've seen these people do a lot of the trails i want to do with essentially the same setup. I got no lockers(well LSD), no...
  7. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    I'll hopefully find out if my PTO gets approved by the end of the month, then I'll start my late ass planning to head that way on the 3rd. Fingers crossed I can make it, 20ish hour drive from Louisiana! Even if I don't get to do much I'll be happy to be back in Moab and in a jeep this time.
  8. Hauk bumper and tire carrier

    that pointy shit was one reason i held off on this bumper and carrier setup, glad to see you took care of it. then i saw the price and was like ok... really glad i passed on that. currently looking at getting the Westin WJ2 with tire carrier, it looks to be well put together and not to over...
  9. Do I need to re gear my sport s?

    Hey guys same here with a 2dr. 3.6 Manual trans. And LSD. Please help me out, what gear sets did you guys go with. And what all extras did you get with them (bearings and shim kits?) Loving the look and feel of mine around town but it's unbearable on the hwy. And I'll never make this 20...
  10. 35's on 4.56 Gears

    the Antispin rear end is 3.73. or thats what i remember seeing it say when i ordered it. or im just thinking of my TJ... idk.
  11. 35's on 4.56 Gears

    hahha... oh yea, staying in 4th and 5th.
  12. 35's on 4.56 Gears

    Thanks for this input. I'm on 315/70's with a Manual and i have the 3.73 rear end. been trying to figure out what to do, it drives fine around town but its a dog on the interstate.
  13. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Option when I ordered was Tan premium soft top.
  14. Method 701 vs 702

  15. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    Weighed the 315/70 on the stock sport 17" wheel comes out to 94 pounds. Stock sport wheel with Goodyear A/Ts was 60 pounds. My method 701's hopefully arrive today so I'll mount and weigh them, they say 29 pounds and the tire buy itself is 69. So looking like 98 is a possible out come.
  16. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    Got mine in today. Mounted one on my spare for fun until my wheels get here Friday! 315/70 on the stock sport wheel Pretty much 4" taller than the stock tire. Could probably run them like this on stock wheels with spacers. (I'm on rubi suspension) but I wouldn't be getting any offroadin done.
  17. List of aftermarket wheels that are hubcentric

    Not exactly on topic. But anyone know if there's a after market lug nut set that isn't the kind with the shitty spline socket, I have a set of method 701's on the way and want something that is uses an actual socket like a 19mm or 21mm.
  18. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    My deal for black friday I buy the majority of my tires from them, they shipped out Friday same day I ordered, and the will be here Tuesday! But my wheels won't be here until Friday!!
  19. Stiff Brake Pedal After Sitting

    The vacuum for the booster is supplied by an electric vacuum pump that sits below/under the alternator, being that this setup is not typical for most N/A engine vehicles it is very well possible that the vacuum system isn't design to hold for long once the ignition is switched off. Which would...