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  1. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    That would be a great way to keep the cold out on my 6-hour drive up North!
  2. JK Winter Tires on JL Sahara?

    Is this what you're talking about?
  3. JK Winter Tires on JL Sahara?

    You're a good man, Jimbo. Thanks for the help!
  4. JK Winter Tires on JL Sahara?

    I never had winter tires for my 2014 JKU Rubicon, but I think I'll pick some up for my JLU Sahara. Just north of Toronto and drive to Northern Ontario often. I'd like to pick some up off Kijiji on rims, but there's nothing for the JL. I think the JK ones will fit, all I'll need is some special...
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Either way, it looks great!
  6. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Never got marker on the leather?
  7. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Is it easy to correct errors?
  8. Stupid grill question

    I didn't like the look of the silver inserts on my Mojito Sahara. Pulled them out and Plasti-Dipped them black. Left the Fog Light Surrounds for now.
  9. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks Tai! I think adding the black surround will be perfect. Plus, I'll black out the fog light surrounds.
  10. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Silver off. Looking better already!
  11. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Have seen others dipping the grille or the insert, just not on the Mojito. ...even if I leave it, she's beautiful!
  12. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Finally picked up my Mojito! JLU Sahara the other day. SO happy with the purchase. This is my 4th Wrangler (1- Silver Sport JKU, 2- Sahara Tan JKUS, 3- Silver JKUR) and I'm as excited about this one as I was about my first one in 2011! Front Grille: I don't like the silver. I originally...
  13. JLWF / Iron Cross Automotive Giveaway: Stubby Front Bumper with Bar/LED Cutout

    This would look great on my new Mojito! Sahara!!
  14. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Are you doing it yourself? Plasti-Dip? Wrap?
  15. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Personal update: Ordered June 16 Arrived @ dealer July 18. Won't be able to pick up until August 7. Can't wait! 2018 JL by josh posted Jul 19, 2018 at 7:04 PM
  16. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    I ordered on June 16. Should be here soon. For the record, Downsview Chrysler in Toronto is great. PM me for sales associate name. He's excellent.
  17. Colours in Canada

    Ordered a Mojito! Sahara from Downsview in Toronto on June 16. Should be delivered in the next two weeks, or so.
  18. JLWF / Cupholder Hero Giveaway: JL Cupholder and Interior Liners

    Already ordered. Might as well join the contest!
  19. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    I should have ordered those wheels. They look amazing! Congrats on landing your Mojito!
  20. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered mine from the local dealership on June 16 They sent it in on the 19. Dealer form says shipment will be on July 7. As of June 25, I am in D1 Hope I'm not delayed too long...