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  1. Front or Rear Locker?

    I'm guessing here. But wouldn't it be easier to lock the back if you want to steer more?
  2. Bronco Addition Pricing

    To make things worse. I see that some dealerships have been adding 10K to early Bronco orders that are just coming in. They've been waiting over a year and get a surprise 10K added to the price at delivery. I would be furious if it was me.
  3. Would you buy a Lambent Earth colored JL?

    Yep. That's it. I had the '99 version. I even had the dual top also in tan. Should have held onto that one.
  4. Center Console USB Wonky -- we know that... however... does the latest Uconnect update fix it? Anyone who has gotten the newest update report in?

    I still find it strange that the Apple Car Play in the center console had always worked fine for me. I would think that it would be consistent in working or not working. It worked fine before the latest UConnect update for me too.
  5. Would you buy a Lambent Earth colored JL?

    Man.....I miss my Forest green with tan top Sahara TJ. Had the green and tan seats too.
  6. Stupid jeep girl question- windows

    If the knuckle won't work. You could get a huge emerald cut ring on your pointer finger. That should work.
  7. Stupid jeep girl question- windows

    You could just use your knuckle?
  8. Need help with my order. Started with a Rubicon, I think I want a sport now..

    Maybe the upcoming Willys with the extreme recon package might fit the bill perfectly for you? But if you want to do it yourself, the Sport would work fine, but the axles might be an issue.
  9. Well-made things you get pleasure from using

    My wife says I have expensive taste....but I'd rather go without than have something that wasn't engineered with purpose and longevity. Gibson, Fender, Martin guitars. Filson Bags and wallets. Lamy 2000, Sailor 1911 and Pilot Vanishing Point pens. Blackwing Pencils Field Notes notebooks...
  10. OE Steel Bumper Hoops

    I ordered the Warn low. It's a good match on the texture and fit. But it goes tight up against the back of the tow hooks. That can be a good or bad thing.
  11. Adjusting Rear Seat Belts

    My son 5'2 and wife 5'6 both say it's much better. It's not perfect but I don't hear any more complaints so I'll call it a win. Congrats on the Hella Rubi! I'll probably be seeing you on the mean streets of Houston!
  12. Rear spoiler on the back of hardtop?

    Maybe a roof rack could solve the issue while still not looking like a spoiler?
  13. Ideas for driving newly delivered JL home (MN) from TN?

    Make it a bigger family/friend trip and get somebody else to go in a pickup truck. They can take the doors with them. Have a great time.
  14. With fewer 2 door options, would you consider a Bronco?

    Let me preface this by saying that I like 2 doors. I've owned a 1980 K5 blazer, Thunderbird and '99 TJ. I would totally consider a 2-door Bronco, but I don't think the options for 2 doors from Jeep are all that limited, plenty of options. I also don't think they will be abandoned at any time. I...
  15. Text Messages Display

    Go under your Bluetooth settings on your phone. Click on the "I with a circle" next to the UConnect one and at the top there is a "Show Notifications" check box. Check that and it should work.
  16. Warning about purchasing from Diode Dynamic's retailers

    You didn't ruffle any are simply....wrong. Rhinebeck explained it correctly and you didn't comprehend it. If you buy at Home return to Home Depot as your first option. You then go to the manufacturer. You simply did it backwards. I have no loyalty or previous...
  17. Help me plan a 11 1/2 month Jeep camping trip Michigan to the Mexico boarder to Dead Horse Alaska and back

    Since you are going to be going through Texas anyway. Just a few spots you would be interested in. Fredricksburg Area - Enchanted Rock, Luckenbach. New Braunfels Area - Historic Gruene, Float the Guadalupe River, Natural Bridge Caverns. Galveston Island - The beach, the Strand. Word of warning...
  18. Which Packages / Options do you WISH you had ordered?

    I bought off the dealership floor and didn't order so I compromised a little. I'm really glad I got the proximity doors and regret not getting the tow package. I convinced myself that I probably wasn't going to need the aux switches or tow anything. I pretty much have every other option except...
  19. 2021 Rubicon - Select Fill Alert / Tire fill alert missing

    My '21 Rubi HAS it . It was a January build that I purchased in March. Just mentioning so that you know that it has been on a '21 at some point.
  20. What are you paying for Sirius?

    I had this conversation via chat. Yep, they couldn't take off the CC information. But they did assure me that it was set to not renew automatically. I f'n hate dealing with them. I saved the chat log for when they DO try to renew it in a year. The service is just not worth dealing with the...