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  1. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    Yeah that’s a hard pass for me! I’ll stay here in the states where we can actually drive our cars 😂
  2. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    When premium is $3.30+ a gallon the wallet say calm down 🤣
  3. King Coilovers vs Bypass Shocks

    Well at the time I ordered it I was doing the 392 swap so I didn’t have any weight to go off of. So we just winged it as close as possible. I weighed my rig and it’s sitting at 3080 up front and 2660 in the rear. (She’s a heavy girl lol)
  4. King Coilovers vs Bypass Shocks

    Oh I know. I just don’t wanna mismatch springs so I’m fine with just waiting
  5. King Coilovers vs Bypass Shocks

    I have the Rebel recon coil over kit for my rig. I’ll say that the spring rates for mine arnt the greatest and need to get new ones but won’t be available till early next year. I think once I get heavier springs it will be better. But here’s my rig on 37’s to get you an idea of how it looks
  6. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    It’s good! I need to get new springs for the coil overs but they won’t be available till early next year. Other then that I’m getting 14mpg and around 28 smiles per mile lol
  7. vehicle weight

    Rebel asked me for some pics of my rig and I figured they could kinda guess the weight by that but it was off by a lot. Hopefully going up to a 300 spring weight in the front and a 250 in the rear will help. If I knew how to tune the coil overs I would just tune them till they felt good
  8. vehicle weight

    I wonder what a stock Sahara with a v6 weights
  9. vehicle weight

    Not quite yet lol
  10. vehicle weight

    So I have the Rebel recon coil overs and the shop that helped tune them told me that the upper springs are too soft and needed to be changed out. Well I decided to go get my rig weighed up and found that she’s a HEAVY girl lol just in case anyone anyone is planing on doing a HEMI swap and coil...
  11. Texas On board air compressor system

    I have a on board air compressor system that uses next venture motor sports compressor mount that is installed under the body of the Jeep. I loved having this on my rig but since I did the 392 swap it won’t fit anymore due to the larger exhaust system. It worked great for me when I was in the...
  12. Service tire pressure system light

    Story time! Alright so I had America’s Most Wanted 4x4 install a 392 HEMI in my Jeep. I drove it back from Holly Michigan to Dallas Texas (around 1200 miles) with no problems. I installed the Rebel recon coil over kit because I knew I needed a different suspension due to the extra weight of the...
  13. Warning ⚠️ Power Stop brake lines

    Sorry to hear about your struggles! I purchased a set of power stop brake lines for my rig. They came with the factory brackets and I would highly recommend them for anyone that’s looking for good quality work. I’m running 12” coil overs and I don’t have any issues with it stretching the lines.
  14. Punk’n Jeep 392? No way!

    Just get a Punk’n orange Jeep and do a 392 swap :rock:
  15. Long arm kit help!

    Damn I didn’t know any of the drama that was going on between the two channels! I watch both when I get the chance. What happened to the Jeep love?!
  16. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    no 0-60s just yet. I don’t wanna put too much torque on either the Dana 44’s or the drive shafts. I still need to put 60’s under there before I can really go wild with it. as far as price goes I don’t like to disclose that information. You’re more then welcome to get in contact with AMW and get...
  17. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    Here’s some pics of the shop!
  18. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    Well today has been an EXTREMELY long day! I’ve been up since 4am and been on flights and traffic all day! I FINALLY got my Jeep back! Ethan picked me up from the airport gave me a tour of the shop, took me out to lunch, and took me out on a test ride in a hellephant JT!!! The things they do in...