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  1. Are sunshades worth it?

    As a pale person who drove topless for 75 miles was awesome having the top off but my skin currently wishes I had had a sunshade. Thinking this will be my next purchase.
  2. Camaro SS to JL?

    I didn't know there were days in Pittsburgh without threats of inclement weather. Good luck with the trade !
  3. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Hello all! Just getting through my first weekend as a JL owner and thrilled to be joining the ranks. Apologies if this has been asked before... I went with the 2 door Sport S model adding all of the upgrades that weren't easy to DIY.. But now I'm noticing that as I'm searching for certain...
  4. Side Steps for 2 Door JL?

    Thanks for the verification. Perhaps I'll hold off for a few weeks and see if ROAM comes through as anticipated Definitely disappointing how few options are available in most mod categories for the 2 door JL. I feel likes we're completely an afterthought.
  5. Side Steps for 2 Door JL?

    I recently picked up my 2 door Sport S. When I placed my order, I opted not to get the factory installed side steps thinking that I could pick up something aftermarket that’s nicer and cheaper than $700 for the Mopar tubular ones. However, after a frustrating long search I’ve come up with few...