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  1. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    I just misread that post: thank you for clarifying it for me.
  2. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    Fair enough, it was just that in your original post you mentioned aluminum boxes 😀
  3. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    Wait, you still have the aluminum steering box? The 392 should come standard with the steel one, like every other recent Wrangler, AFAIK. Those aluminum boxes are terrible.
  4. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    I'd suggest googling "chalk test" and do that. That will take the guesswork out of what tire pressure you should be running.
  5. Won't hold highway speed in 6th gear

    I can only speak for the 3.6 gas version, but it doesn't hold 8th much, even stock Rubis running 4:10 as standard. The moment you drop bigger tires on it without regearing, the only time you'll see 8th is on a downhill with a tailwind. That said, you don't really notice it on the 8 speed...
  6. Won't hold highway speed in 6th gear

    Personally I'd want to be on at least 4:10 gears for this kind of configuration. Having regeared a number of Wranglers with various wheel sizes, for a manual on 35's, I found 4.88 to be the sweet spot. Once you hit 37's, I found 5:13 to be optimal for my use cases.
  7. Wires through passenger drain plug

    Not normal at all. That's definitely not something fitted at the factory, not only because there's no wires that should come through there on a stock JL, but that's also not factory wiring.
  8. Difficulty deciding on options/packages for JLUR order

    8.4" Screen You won't regret getting this, especially if you use CarPlay or the Android equivalent. It also makes the controls ever so slightly bigger, which makes them easier to use when driving, because there's simply more real estate for every button. The Alpine Premium Audio that comes with...
  9. Teraflex Delta Brake System - Initial impressions

    Yeah, so have a full set of front and rear rotors, plus calipers and brake pads with a LOT more miles in them. The one front rotor has a slight score mark on it's one surface, likely from a stone or something that got wedged in at some point. $50 and it's all yours, but you'll have to come...
  10. Teraflex Delta Brake System - Initial impressions

    After having had good results from Progrip's Dynatrac Big Brake System on our two JKs, I was looking into similar systems for our JL, especially since we're towing with it, and generally carrying a lot more weight even without the trailer than we ever were on the JKs. Progrip don't do a kit for...
  11. Reverse with open door.

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that that was no longer an option, at least on more recent versions of the Tazer firmware? I might be wrong though.
  12. Should I be Worried? See pic...

    That's almost definitely Rear Main Seal leakage. Probably not something you want to do yourself unless you have a lift, and equipment to support the transmission once it's unbolted...
  13. DTC code not clearing

    In hindsight, this is the thing I should have checked first. Totally over-thinking things, I was. Turns out it was the fuse: F03, to be exact. Fuse replaced, and all is right with the world again. Thank you @Dave928
  14. DTC code not clearing

    I'm currently running a Tazer JL Mini, and haven't used it in a while, as the Jeep hasn't seen much action in a few months. Anyway, prepping for a trip in a week's time, and happened to be in the Tazer menu, and noticed there was an error code: U113E. Looked it up: IBS module not contactable, so...
  15. Damper with Synthetic Rope?

    It's not just about the line snapping and whipping back. Depending on your particular setup, you may well have a shackle connecting the steel connector end of your winch line to the thing being winched: if that shackle breaks, your line still has that chunk of steel on it, and that is going to...
  16. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    Heads up from the owner of a Sky One Touch roof + Gobi rack: that wind deflector actually makes things worse, noise-wise, especially when you put stuff on the rack behind it. The problem is that it creates an unstable vortex behind the deflector, which causes the canvas to flap up and down a lot...
  17. Opinions on sky one-touch top

    I've had my Sky One Touch top JLUR now for a bit over a year. I was originally in the market for a Punk'in Hardtop, but by the time I had decided that, that color run was over and so I couldn't factory order, so ended up buying one from dealer inventory with the One Touch Top. I love how easy...
  18. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    Got my controller a few days ago and installed it, so it's recent stock, and the OEM cable doesn't work. Well, it "works", but not quite as advertised. Replaced the OEM with a 3073-P: straight plug and play replacement for the OEM one, and it now works the way it should have, if FCA designers...
  19. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    Can confirm, Tekonsha 3073-P fixes the problem, and is a straight swap for the OEM cable, no messing around with pins or other things. The only challenge is that it's a right PITA to get the controller-side plug from the new cable into that socket. There's not a lot of room down in that footwell.