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  1. North Carolina Sahara Upgraded Wheels/Tires $400

    I have a set of 18x7.5” Tech-Gray Machined-Face wheels and tires for sale. The wheels are in perfect condition and the Goodyear Wrangler tires have 15500 miles on 4 of them and 0 on the spare. TPMS sensors are included. Let me know if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Thanks...
  2. North Carolina CMM Off-road mirrors

    I have a set of CMM mirrors for sale ( Asking $200. Mirrors are in perfect shape and they are outstanding build quality! My only reason for selling is because I recently picked up some tube doors that have mirrors...
  3. Alabama CarPlay2Air

    I’ve been really impressed with mine too. There are some minor performance points: Takes a few seconds to initially connect. Swiping pages isn’t as smooth. Definitely worth the trade off for having CarPlay on quick trips where I wouldn’t normally plug my phone in. To my surprise it even...
  4. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    This is exciting and expensive news! Does anyone know what the premium uppers look like? Maybe it’s just a soft top twill material?
  5. Looking to buy a battery tender

    :(. My secondary battery was replaced in January, ESS worked for a day and then it stopped working. With COVID and all I just haven’t brought it in to get rechecked, but from what I read I will probably need another battery replacement. This certainly isn’t giving me confidence for when the...
  6. ESS "Not Ready Battery Charging" question.

    Thanks! That is helpful. I’ll report back if it helps anyone else once I get the jeep in to be retested.
  7. ESS "Not Ready Battery Charging" question.

    I'm not sure what's going on with mine. It worked fine for a day after the secondary battery replacement. But it's been in the charging state ever since. Unfortunately the jeep hasn't been driven very consistently over the last few weeks so maybe it just needs to be driven more so it can...
  8. Split Personality?

    Hey don’t be insensitive. Maybe your jeep is just identifying as a 4 door today.
  9. ESS "Not Ready Battery Charging" question.

    I haven’t followed this thread too closely but did post my experience and wanted to give a follow up. I was experiencing long charging periods for the aux battery. Finally in mid December it would never charge. I had the jeep in for a safety recall today and had them test the batteries. Sure...
  10. Installed Mopar Rubicon Steel Bumper on a Sahara. Here's what we learned

    Awesome! Absolutely right. Once you figure out and acquire all the parts it’s a real easy install. Looks great!
  11. Installed Mopar Rubicon Steel Bumper on a Sahara. Here's what we learned

    David, are you all set now? I guess you could use the other bracket that was mentioned. But I used the Maximus-3 and once I got the right bolts from the hardware store. They bolted right up. That picture of me holding the lamp has the bracket connected. The two holes on the top and bottom is...
  12. ESS "Not Ready Battery Charging" question.

    Haha well I am no expert on ESS systems. I just know it’s been like this since day 1 so I don’t think it’s malfunctioning. Whether or not it’s a good design or not is an entirely different question. I’m not a fan of ESS in general so it really doesn’t bother me much when it doesn’t shut off...
  13. ESS "Not Ready Battery Charging" question.

    I’ve noticed this as well if I don’t dive the jeep for several days. I drove it only a few times last week and it took pretty much all weekend of driving for ESS to be enabled. Was probably 2-3 hours of total driving. I’m wondering too If the colder weather may be exacerbating it. It’s been...
  14. NC Property Tax Value?

    Hey Everyone, I just paid my first property tax/registration renewal on my '18 JL. I was shocked to find that the property tax value was $28k! MSRP on the jeep was $50k. On one hand I was thrilled that my tax bill was almost half what I expected; on the other ouch... This depreciation can't...
  15. Steel Bumper and Maximus-3 Fog light adapter parts question

    Yea that’s correct. Even though the AB part looks different it still appears to be backwards compatible with the older AA part since I had no trouble getting the skid plate mounted up just fine
  16. How Can We Help? I’m thinking of replacing my silver grill and head light inserts with the dark grey ones that are on a Rubicon. Do you know the part number for these? Thanks! Doug
  17. Installed Mopar Rubicon Steel Bumper on a Sahara. Here's what we learned

    Thanks! I’ve been meaning to do a write up for the forum. This seemed like as good a place as any. Now I’m kicking around the idea of getting replacing the silver grill inserts with the dark grey ones from a Rubicon. I like the silver inserts with the stock bumper (also has silver) but the...
  18. Soft top back window removal question

    Haha true. I use the Mopar window bag and I’ve found it to be much faster having one less thing to deal with. Windows now go directly in and out of the bag to jeep.
  19. Installed Mopar Rubicon Steel Bumper on a Sahara. Here's what we learned

    So the install went pretty well. Had to make a few trips to the Lowe's and the local dealer to get all the parts I was missing. The bumper I purchased included the skid plate and most of the bolts needed. This PDF was helpful to see how the parts fit together...