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  1. Picked up my Rubicon Xtreme Recon - pics and first review / impressions

    I have the same nfab steps and the weld between the tube and mounting bracket began to show rust after less than 6 months. my jeep is garaged when not being driven so limited exposure to the wet (top and doors off in the summer). something to keep an eye on.
  2. Virginia OEM rear steel bumper

    Looking for a OEM rear steel bumper in the NC/VA/MD area. With or without (preferred) sensor holes. Thanks.
  3. Help me plan a 11 1/2 month Jeep camping trip Michigan to the Mexico boarder to Dead Horse Alaska and back

    Keep an eye on the snow pack for the BOH trails near Ouray CO (north of Durango) as some can still be closed into June. Add Little Wildhorse Canyon just outside of Goblin Valley UT. Awesome trip!
  4. Jump Ship or What?

    Call other dealerships near you and see who will give you the best deal or has the jeep you want. You already have the $47k offer from CarMax so it doesn't hurt to shop around a bit. Used car prices have already come down a little from the peak this summer but they will probably stay at this...
  5. 33's on a Sport S

    I had 33"s on 17x9 -12mm offset and had no issues. the shop that installed them trimmed the Euro shields under the front bumper to prevent rubbing. My profile picture is with the 33s. Sometimes I wish I had stayed on that setup as it was so easy to 35s and 2.5" lift = a bit more...
  6. Virginia Opinions on the need for regearing for 34” tires

    I have run 35s on the stock 3.45 sport axles and 3.6 for a year and don't see a huge difference around town or off-road. I hardly ever see 7th gear and never 8th on the highway and thus less mpg. you may want to upgrade the brake pads with bigger tires to handle the increased rolling weight.
  7. Quadratec stealth winch

    I too have been looking at the quad stealth 10k and the superwinch. I prefer the packaging of these two over the cheaper options. It seems all winches increased in price $50 or more around July 1.
  8. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    good luck. I needed a replacement brake line a month ago and the dealer told me they were on 3 month backorder. it's a damn brake line, how much simpler can it be? ended up going with Rusty's braided steel lines but had to wait a week for shipping.
  9. North Carolina Rubicon OEM steel bumpers

    Interested. PM sent
  10. Stainless steel brake line up grade

    Had my jeep on a lift last week and noticed that the front brake line had been pinched/cut and needs to be replaced. I replaced with the powerstop steel lines but don't like the way they fit. I have a sport with the standard brakes so the line connects to the caliper at the bottom and the hose...
  11. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    Agreed that there is a lot of profit in this for Jeep, but $4k seems like a reasonable price given what you would pay in the aftermarket for the re-gear, lift, tires and rims. Granted most people that are going to use the higher gear ratio would want bigger tires, but just saying. This package...
  12. Stainless steel brake line up grade

    No squealing. I added them to the stock rotors because I was looking for a quick upgrade before a road trip to Windrock - adding ~200lbs of steel skid plates really pushed the OEM brakes over the edge. Anyway, as the other poster mentioned, if I did it again, I would go with the full brake kit...
  13. Stainless steel brake line up grade

    I added power stop z36 truck & tow brake pads to my sport after going to 35s and adding steel skid plates. much improved braking from stock.
  14. Anyone else have these windshield marks?

    i only have 3 and they are still there after 3+ years and cleaning with sparkle. Only visible occasionally. remind me of the star wars imperial crest -
  15. Just got home from Bronco event...

    That soft top looks terrible - open and closed. are they making in-house or is bestop involved?
  16. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    I ran a couple of 16 footers all the way to the dash - that was a little dicey but I'm only 5 minutes from Lowe's so was able to make it work. you can also use the floor mat upside down to protect the paint on the tailgate.
  17. Who else manipulates ess with brake pressure?

    I've been doing this for 2 years now. The only part that I haven't mastered is pulling into my garage and getting it into park before it cuts off and then has to start back up......I don't know why ESS can't be engaged in park - would save me a lot of gas when the wife starts the jeep and then...
  18. Question on Dual Top for noob

    I use the Harken Hoist pulley system to store the tops above the garage floor. To store the soft top in the winter, I run the straps through a piece of plywood and lay the soft top and other pieces on top and lift away. I prefer the fully naked look in the warm weather but found the soft top...
  19. 2.5" vs 3.5" Implications

    I don't know what others' experience is but my 2.5" Rubicon Express lift gave me 3.5+, which is more than I wanted. You might look for insight from other Sahara owners before moving up to a 3.5 lift as you may get more than you wanted. I had to add an adjustable track bar to compensate for the...