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  1. Is the JL e-brake any better than the JK e-brake?

    Because if your driveway is on an hill and you have a manual transmission, we all know that the jk e-brake is mostly an interior ornament. Seriously chrysler, what's wrong with you? So please JL owners, tell me that FCA has finally installed a proper e-brake on the wrangler!
  2. Free product idea for besttop

    Besttop, known for convertible tops, should make a windshield insert that puts the windshield angle back to JK standards and has mounting holes on the top for a light bar. They could come in all black and besttop would make a standard top and NX version that accommodates the extra couple of...
  3. Will there be a bowless softop from besttop?

    Iam realy liking most of the changes FCA has done to the wrangler. However, the softop folded back looks like a big black diaper. It's really an eyesore. The top fully erected looks really good. I like the shape and it looks quality. I would think besttop would eventually make a bowless softop...