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  1. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    A about a month ago I talked to the shop about installing some lights I was going to get for Oracle. I’m only in town 2 days a week. Friday and Saturday. So the work has to be completed by Saturday. (Today) the shop has it now. When we talked he said he could have it done by 5pm Friday if I...
  2. 999,999
  3. Sidetrack LED Light Install Helper Guide

    On sale now with 15% off.
  4. Sidetrack LED Light Install Helper Guide
  5. Milestar Patagonia MT review

    I’ve been looking at new tires for my jlur I like how the milestars look. Has anyone had them in snow and rain and can give a review. How often do you rotate them. Any notice in mpg decrease?
  6. 2021 vs 2013 wrangler

    I had no intention to get rid of my 2013 gecko. When I drove and seen the 2018 I knew I would soon be getting one. So glad I did. I plan to keep this one for a long time. (at least that’s what I tell my wife and kids) I tend to buy a lot of new vehicles. The difference is night and day.
  7. Sidetrack LED Light Install Helper Guide

    I was wondering if anyone has painted the sidetrackers to match vehicle color?
  8. Boom Mat or Hotheads?

    It’s thicker than I thought it would be. Maybe about 1 3/4”. And looks like this.
  9. Boom Mat or Hotheads?

    I have the boom mat. Don’t remember the price but I got the full set. It’s easy to apply. I took the top off to install. And it has stayed in place. It helps with keeping it cooler on hot days and warmer in winter. once you apply the boom mat you can’t take it off
  10. Florida WTB- OEM LED fog lights (4 tab mount)

    Still looking? I have a set of led fog I took off my steel bumper.
  11. Used Rubi vs new Willys

    I had mine replaced when it was available. My wife complained since new that it was hard for her to keep it straight. She likes driving it now.
  12. Used Rubi vs new Willys

    I would go new if it was me. 1. New warranty 2. You would have the updated steering box. 3. Zero miles, and you would know how it’s been cared for.
  13. What mods,parts are you hoping you get for Christmas?

    I have a few lists on my wish list. No matter how much stuff you have you always want, need more. Thanks mostly to this forum and seeing other rigs.
  14. Which packages are worth it for Daily Driver use?

    Driving to work requires me to leave early in the morning so Led where a must for me. Yes they will get snow build up. But for the rest of the year they are well worth it.
  15. 2018 Wrangler JLU reverse lights in LED tail lights not bright enough on ground

    Yes I did see that. I’m sure I can add lights much cheaper and would like to have the option to wire them to my auxiliary switches
  16. 2021 color availability?

    Does anyone know when the new colors for the jl and jt will be available for ordering? I had a 2013 gecko jku and I love the color and I would love to have one again.
  17. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    It would be hard for me to pass up a gecko gladiator. Loved my 2013. It looked clean when it was dirt. I had comments about it all the time. Everyone loved it to. We called him Slimer.
  18. How Can We Help?

    do you have this part? Why is this like half price? Cheap china part?