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  1. Tuffy Security Deck Install

    Honestly, could probably uninstall the whole thing in 15 minutes if i had to, Taking the top off wouldn't be hard at all.
  2. Actual Lease offer

    That is way high, My unlimited with tech package, auto, hard top, etc was less than that. (and no money down)
  3. Audio Experts-Help Needed Mounting Sub

    Who did the work? and guessing that would NOT work with a Tuffy security deck.
  4. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    You would have to put holes in the mat, and yes, it would pin it down.
  5. Labor Day @ Hidden Falls

    That would be cool... Don't know yet. Wife undecided.
  6. How to steal a lease?!?

    You are going to pay the same over time. don't go out of pocket at the onset.
  7. Wrangler Truck?

    I just saw one of these In Houston 2 days ago... had to do a triple take.
  8. How to steal a lease?!?

    If you are leasing, you shouldn't put any money down, that just free money for them.
  9. Are they all created equal?

    I didn't even realize. My apologies... Tell them to get some satellites up there!
  10. Are they all created equal?

    People still use the OTA radio? Sirius all the way. :)
  11. Project Aftermarket LED Brackets

  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Lange mirrors installed for the naked days...
  13. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    I actually haven't driven that way yet, that was a pic in progress of taking everything off. :)
  14. Labor Day @ Hidden Falls

    Cool. I'll hit up the wife and see what the thoughts are. I know I wanna see what mine can do. :)
  15. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    I definitely agree. :) I forgot to do a before and after. lol
  16. Labor Day @ Hidden Falls

    What about a Sport S with Rubicon suspension and wheels/tires? lol
  17. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    yeah, but we didn't buy Wranglers for the MPG. ;)
  18. Driving Without Door Bolts?

    I have the door bolts out, but the door checks are still bolted in... So now just 4 bolts to get the doors off.. and i like the door checks, but then again, my first jeep.