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  1. Engine stall after ESS restart

    Thanks. I’ve driven 20 miles on I95 with no a/c, and the ESS didn’t engage when I stopped at the light on the exit ramp. We‘ll be doing a 200 mile one way trip soon so I will see what happens. Thanks again.
  2. Engine stall after ESS restart

    I’ve been having ESS issues like many others. Question for you— my dealer has load tested my batteries the last two times I’ve taken my JLUR in, and they say the batteries have passed the load test. Does this mean my batteries aren’t the problem? Thanks in advance!
  3. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    Yeah. It always reads battery charging. Even when I drove it home from the dealer this afternoon. The battery charge read 13.6 in that tab of the dash display.
  4. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    We’ve now had it at the dealer three times for the ESS not working. We never had a warning light, but we noticed it wasn’t working even if we had driven 30 miles on the interstate with the windows down, no a/c, just the radio on. In other words, in situations where it should work. All three...
  5. What in the world is going on in Toledo?

    Jeep is not alone In delayed orders/production, and very little stock on dealer’s lots. The Ford Bronco/Bronco Sport are in the same boat.
  6. What To Do When You Can't Find The Jeep You Want To Buy?

    It’s my wife’s Rubicon, and she didn’t really want the 8.4, but I really liked it and am glad we got it. The screen is larger and higher quality, the sub is fantastic, local radio stations are hd. We recently found that the nav is helpful when cell service is bad for CarPlay, so she likes it...
  7. What To Do When You Can't Find The Jeep You Want To Buy?

    We were in the same boat last year, but found one on a dealer lot that had everything we wanted but it added the 8.4 nav radio. We figured out it was worth it to get what we wanted, and I feel it helped me negotiate a pretty good deal. A year and a half later and absolutely no regrets. We found...
  8. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    In 2010, my wife said she wanted a Jeep. I tried to talk her out of it because she likes her vehicles to be rattle free. Our 3 grown sons told her she’d hate it for the same reason. She persisted so I had a brilliant idea—go to carmax and test drive a 3 year old one and that would convince her...
  9. What happens when Sirius XM free trial concludes?

    It ends. Then you get to listen to good music from your phone.
  10. ESS quit working

    On my wife’s JLUR we noticed the ESS not working, no warning lights but ”battery charging” on EVIC. Dealer found a code that said the driver seat sensor bad and so they replaced it. Didn’t help, so took it back. They couldn’t find anything wrong so I reminded them that it simply wasn’t working...
  11. JL Rubicon front bumper recommendations?

    We bought the OEM steel bumper and had the dealer install it. The LED fogs are pre installed.
  12. Saw a bronco sport in the wild today

    I don’t think you can compare the wrangler to the Bronco Sport. Two entirely different vehicles designed to attract two very different demographics. Probably like Democrats and Republicans. I’ll leave it up to your imagination who would prefer what.
  13. ESS quit working

    I’m having the same issue. Did yours get fixed?
  14. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    Took the grandsons, ages 11 and 7, for a ride in our 2 dr. JL with the top down. They absolutely loved every minute of it. I showed them a dad driving his family in a JLU with the top down and doors off , and they thought that was the coolest thing they’d ever seen. Your kids should love the JL.
  15. Hard top w/new buy

    Another plus for the hardtop is you can add the Besttop Sunrider. You can take the freedom panels off, install the sunrider, and have the open air above the front seats in max 10 seconds and drop it back if it starts to rain in 5 seconds (if you are slow😀).
  16. 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Vs. Rubicon

    Dedicated mall crawler here. We had for a time two 2020 JLUs in the garage at the same time—- a Sport S and my wife’s Rubicon. Looked at them side by side every day and never ever thought we overpaid for the Rubi. The Rubi just looks so much better overall. Have your dealer put the Sahara and...
  17. Rubicon stock tire question --which is the quietest on the highway?

    I had stock A/T tires on my JLUS, and my wife has stock M/T tires on her JLUR, both 2020s, and the A/T tires were much quieter on the highway.
  18. Jeep newbie, wondering Rubi vs HA

    If the coolness factor is important to you, 3 years from now the HA will just be another one of the run of the mill “special editions”, whereas the Rubicon will always be the alpha Jeep. We are on our seventh Jeep, first Rubicon, and the Rubi is by far our favorite even though we are life long...
  19. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    When you say it won’t be the same cost, is that based on your experience with Geico, or just best guess? I had assumed it would increase over time, but just wondering if you had some knowledge that the price increases are exorbitant?
  20. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    Thanks for the reminder! Just added my wife’s 2020 JLUR for $17 every six months! $250 deductible.