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  1. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Yeah a little bit of time and little accent's can make all the difference.
  2. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Thanks, I used expandable sleeving it comes in different sizes and colors.
  3. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Wow $600, that's a lot considering a new PCM can be picked up for $158 online. Has anybody gone this route and picked up a new PCM on their own and sent it in to be unlocked?
  4. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    You are a life saver...I have been having the same intermittent "clean sensors" error since I put my HD Bumper on last week. Loosened it all up slid it back all the way and straightened it out and now its all good. Thanks man!! --NY
  5. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Well its all finished and I ended up going a different route. I used cable glands to pass the wiring in and out of the tub and then routed everything up behind the taillights. The passenger side has a bit less space to work with but I only needed to run the right side speaker and subwoofer...
  6. Wiring repair or hack

    I agree they may have been running the stock head unit or even an aftermarket one. They could have clipped it to get the high level, to send signal out from the amp to the speakers or both. No matter what its a hack job...a t-harness is only like $30. Fixing that the right way now is a PITA...
  7. Wiring repair or hack

    You have the 8.4 with Alpine correct? I am guessing the PO had an aftermarket stereo and the hacked up the factory harness to get signal to the speakers. The Larger connector with all of the purple wires is the leads to the sound bar speakers and the sub. the smaller connector with the...
  8. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    I did not build the box I had a local shop do it for me, overall they did a pretty good job.
  9. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    That's a good point and I did consider the heat and I am going to line the exterior of the tub in Thermo-Tec and I have a Gibson exhaust which is much smaller then the factory muffler so I should have sufficient airflow under there. I had the PDX in a enclosed bin under the seat in my F350 so...
  10. Custom Audio Install Complete

    How did the get all of the wiring in and out of the rear cargo bin for the Amp and DSP?
  11. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    My current setup consists of the following OEM 8.4" RF DSR1 being used strictly for Preamps Helix DSP.2 Alpine PDX-V9 Morel Maximo 6.5 Components in the stock knee and Dash location Morel Maximo 6.5 Coax in the sound bar JL 13TW5v2 in a custom fiberglass enclosure I currently have the Amp and...