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  1. Anyone replace the bulky electric sway bar disco with a manual setup?

    I have a manual sway bar and some JKS quick disconnects sitting on my workbench that I plan to install this weekend when I install my new winch. I've now had the electronic sway bar completely fail to reconnect 2x leaving me to drive home on the highway with no sway bar since it would not...
  2. Winch Pre-tension on Flat Land

    Texas is pretty darn flat up near the D/FW metroplex, but the parking brake method works for me. There is a big high school parking lot right down the street that will be perfect, so I can just do it there attached to my other vehicle! I appreciate everyone's feedback. I can't wait to get this...
  3. Winch Pre-tension on Flat Land

    Last week I bought a Warn Evo VR 12s. I'm planning to install it this weekend. One of the things I need to do is pre-tension it, but unfortunately, I think I live in the flattest place on the planet. Some people suggested just doing it in a flat parking lot with the parking brake partially...
  4. Sway bar will not reconnect

    I actually seriously considered getting that, but it doesn't feel like that would help. I could see that if it wouldn't disconnect, but the fact that it won't re-connect seems different, but I might be misunderstanding it.
  5. Sway bar will not reconnect

    That honestly sounds pretty cool, but I actually can't understand the reason for an electronic sway bar disconnect. On my previous jeep, I ran Teraflex quick disconnects for years. It never caused me any issues, and it only took a whopping 2 min to disconnect or reconnect. The electronic option...
  6. Sway bar will not reconnect

    Perfect. I’ll be buying one or seeing if I can get help from someone who has it. Thanks!
  7. Sway bar will not reconnect

    Yes. I’ve made absolutely sure that it’s flat level etc. yesterday I had to drive home disconnected (a little over an hour on the highway. This morning it was still disconnected and at the dealer. As for the blinking light. Yes it says it tries to reconnect but never does.
  8. Sway bar will not reconnect

    So this weekend I did some light wheeling, and for the second time, my Rubicon's Electronic Sway bar will not reconnect. I dropped it off at the dealer this morning to have it repaired / replaced; however, even if they replace it, my plan is to replace it with a regular sway bar and use JKS...
  9. Problems re-engaging the sway bar

    Good morning! So Saturday, I got to do a very little bit of light wheeling, but I was able to put her in 4L and disengage the sway bar. When I was done, I got back to level road (confirmed by the off-road pages). I could not, for the life of me, get my sway bar to reconnect. I tried shutting...
  10. Squadbox Install

    Yes, I have the one-touch sky-view top (which can't be removed), and I was able to install it without issue. Now, on mine the rear quarter panels are removable. I don't think they are on a traditional hard-top. If that's the case, then you'd have to remove it, because the only way to get the...
  11. Squadbox Install

    Yes, this was probably my biggest struggle.
  12. Raku Build

    I’m definitely open on that. Any particular recommendations?
  13. Raku Build

    Here is the pic of the Squadbox, installed:
  14. Raku Build

    This is my build thread for Raku. Bone-Stock the Day I got her: Vehicle Info: Year: 2021 Make: JLU Trim: Rubicon Engine: 3.6L Transmission: 6-speed Manual Bumpers: Factory Steel Bumper Purchase Date: 3/22/2021 Interior Modifications: Vector Off-Road JLE Dock Bar with 67 Designs Phone...
  15. Squadbox Install

    So basically, the seat closes no problem; however, there is nearly no space between the molle panel and the seatback. I went out at lunch and snapped a pic to show you. There is no struggle whatsoever to close the seat. It closes as if the panel wasn't there, but I guess it will depend on how...
  16. Squadbox Install

    It doesn’t rattle at all, if anything the sub might be a bit muted since it’s inside a box but honestly I haven’t noticed much of a change.
  17. Squadbox Install

    The hardest part for me was getting the boxes on the left / right installed around the roll bar. The right was particularly bad. You'll definitely need a second pair of hands though. So far I'm pretty excited about it.
  18. Squadbox Install

    Good morning! So I installed the Squadbox in my jeep yesterday. I have to say the install was a bear, but the end result was totally worth it! The one thing though is that the instructions aren't great! I think if it had better pictures with 3-D renderings of the parts it would have gone a bit...
  19. Warn Stealth 12,000 LB - Factory Steel Bumper

    Hi All! I've been trying to reach someone at Q-Tec via the online chat, but I haven't had any luck, and I have a hard time jumping on the phone during business hours. Anyway, I'm interested in one of the Q-Performance Stealth 12K lb winches for the JLU. Does anyone know if this winch will fit in...
  20. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    I love mine! My previous jeep was a dual top. I had the hard top off so much I eventually sold it to get it out of my garage. The soft top was almost never up, and I never had doors on it. Due to this, I was apprehensive about getting the SOT, but I couldn't be happier with my decision, and...